These Self-Sabotaging Habits Are Ruining Your Career

Do you remember your first job interview? If it was anything like mine, it was a nerve-racking encounter that involved hours of deliberation about what to wear, how to act, and what to say to impress the interviewer. While it’s pretty common to overanalyze the way you conduct yourself in the early stages of a career, as years pass and your 9-to-5 becomes a well-trodden routine, that ability to self-reflect tends to dim.

If you’re beyond the age of first-job scrutiny, that doesn’t mean it’s time to hit cruise control. In fact, science and industry experts agree that some habits, if left unchecked, could stand in the way of your next promotion. Yes, everything from words you use in a meeting to your messy desk sends a message to those around you; what does yours say? If you’ve fallen into the habit of making these six common and subtle mistakes, it’s time to improve your game stat.