This One Habit Makes You 4 Times More Likely to Catch a Cold

While the common cold isn't caused by a drop in temperature, conventional wisdom suggests that fall and winter are the seasons for sickness. All it takes is standing next to a coughing stranger on the subway or chatting to a sick co-worker and just like that, you awake with a sore throat and know that you're about to fall ill. 

As we brace ourselves for the cooler months, a study published in the academic journal Sleep suggests there is a simple and surprisingly effective way to avoid the common cold. The best part? It requires zero effort and involves something that you do every day: sleep.

Researchers discovered that people who average five to six hours of sleep per night are four times more likely to catch a cold than someone who snoozes for at least seven hours. Why? Giving your body adequate rest boosts your immunity and makes it easier to naturally combat viruses, Pure Wow suggests. 

So, next time your colleague comes to work with sniffles or you find yourself wedged between coughing commuters, don't stress. It's just another excuse to hit snooze