3 Health Mistakes You Probably Don't Realize You're Making

In our pursuit of wellness there are certain rules we all abide by—drink water, exercise, have a balanced diet. But some of our regular habits can be detrimental to our health and well-being, and we don't even realize it. Harper's Bazaar Australia recently highlighted the top common mistakes we make in regard to our health. We've detailed our top three here so you can realize what might be hurting your commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Mistaking gluten-free for a more nourishing choice. While giving up gluten is definitely a commendable choice and can save you from ailments like bloating and constipation, thinking any gluten-free product is automatically healthy can lead you down a dangerous road. Unhealthy snacks come in gluten-free options, so just as you would for things that are not gluten-free, keep your processed and packaged foods down to a minimum.

Not taking the time to unplug. We rely on our phones for so much in life, from communicating with friends and family to connecting with the outside world. But that constant attachment to devices drains your energy, messes with your sleep cycle, and can cause additional stress. Be sure to schedule at least a couple hours a week where you take a time out to abandon your devices and disconnect from all responsibilities.

Not listening to your body's messages. When life is go-go-go we don't always take the time to pay attention to our bodies' signals and take care of ourselves. When your body doesn't feel good, tune in to the reasons why—was it something you ate? Is something on your mind? Allow yourself the time and energy to tap into your body and address your needs before they take their toll.

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