Struggling to Keep Your New Year's Resolutions? Read This

Quite suddenly, we find ourselves in the third full week of January. So, team: How is 2016 looking so far? If you're anything like us, you had your sights set on a few resolutions intended to make 2016 a year of self-improvement (plus a touch less Netflix, but who are we kidding?). If you're starting to doubt your resolve or are already feeling a bit defeated, don't worry: You are not alone. 

According to Dr. Frank Farley, a professor of psychological studies in education at Philadelphia’s Temple University who recently spoke with The Wall Street Journal, people fail to succeed because the goals they set are too high (or are impossible to achieve in a given year), and because people often aim to delete a negative habit rather than add a positive one. But that's not all that might be impacting your success—or failure—in achieving a New Year goal. According to a recent study conducted by Trulia, your city of residence may play a starring role, too!

Looking at three of the most common categories of resolution-making—social, financial, and healthy living—alongside data regarding the resources and demographics of cities, Trulia found that some places are significantly better—and others substantially worse—for keeping our resolutions in check. Don't get us wrong! This is all about knowing what you're up against so you can reinvigorate your resolve and keep fighting the good fight. Read on.

Best Cities for Social Resolutions

• San Francisco
• New Orleans
• Baton Rouge, Louisiana
• Charleston, South Carolina
• Honolulu

Toughest Cities for Financial Resolutions

• Los Angeles
• Long Island, New York
• Cambridge, Massachusetts
• Fairfield, Connecticut
• San Diego

Best Cities for Healthy Living Resolutions

• Virginia Beach-Norfolk, Virginia
• San Francisco
• Ventura, California
• Denver
• Richmond, Virginia

Wondering if your city is included in these rankings? Visit Trulia for the complete lists.

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