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10 Mistakes You May Be Making While Spring Cleaning

Neutral living room with throw pillows on sofa.

Blue Copper Design

Making plans to begin the spring cleaning process means that you’re definitely doing something right—after all, scrubbing, sorting, and organizing isn’t on most people’s list of top-10 favorite activities. However, there are certain tactics you’ll definitely want to keep in mind as you refresh your home for the season.

We spoke with designers who shared 10 mistakes that people often make when cleaning their spaces. By making sure that you don't fall victim to these errors, your space will shine all season and beyond.

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Ignoring the “Unseens”

"Don’t forget to look under the sink, go through the freezer and fridge, and sort through pantry and bathroom drawers holding old or unused products. Getting those spaces cleaned out will help you feel like you’ve truly tackled every corner in your home.” —Hattie Collins, owner of Hattie Sparks Interiors  

“This also means getting the tall ladder out to dust off the chandelier and shades, changing out AC filters, and cleaning out the hard to reach laundry duct.” —Jean Liu, principal at Jean Liu Design

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Not Emptying the Vacuum

“Why waste time just spreading dirt around with a dirty vacuum? Clean the hair and clogged dirt off the roll, and definitely don't forget to empty the bag and change the filter often.” —Nina Nash Long, co-founder of Easterling and Long

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Forgetting Your Closets

Basket of clothes at foot of bed.

Arbor & Co.

“Everyone is uber-focused on switching out clothing from winter to spring, but take note of your linens and cleaning supplies, too. Take it all out to really get in there and clean, but also to assess so you can organize, purge, and restock. Worn sheets and towels should be tossed, heavy blankets can be replaced with beach towels, and cleaning supplies can be examined and reordered.” —Kelli Suozzo, founder of BOWERBIRD

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Taking on Too Much at Once

“I advise breaking down your project list over several weekends so it doesn’t become overwhelming. My main focus would be decluttering and organizing the closets and rooms throughout the home, particularly in the bedrooms, office area, and kitchen. Then, you can enjoy the fun part of spring cleaning: adding new pillows, throws or plants to refresh the house and getting ready to enjoy the fruits of your labor.” —Rande Leaman, founder of Rande Leaman Interior Design

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Buying Organizational Tools Too Soon

“So many people make a trip to stock up on storage bins, drawer organizers, glass canisters, and more without pausing to really take stock of their organizational needs. This leaves them with either too many or too few storage containers or containers that don’t actually serve their needs. I suggest diving in and making piles of ‘like things’ or things that will live together in your space. Then and only then, once you’ve figured out what you need, go to the store to buy all those fun baskets and bins.” —Sara Hillery, founder of Sara Hillery Interior Design

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Stockpiling Items for “One Day”

Clean bathroom with black and white checkered floor.

Ashley Webb Interiors

“My general rule is that if you haven't used it in two years—unless it has sentimental or monetary value—then donate it, throw it away, or give it to a friend you know will use and appreciate it. This also goes for expired or old makeup and skincare products: get rid of them.” —Hattie Collins

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Cleaning From the Bottom Up

“Start from the highest points first, then work your way down so you aren’t cleaning the same areas twice. For example, the dust will make a mess all over everything if you clean the ceiling cobwebs and ceiling fans last.” —Nina Nash Long

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Moving Items Around

“All too often, we cannot decide if something should be kept or thrown away, so we move it to a different drawer or cabinet in the house. This defeats the purpose of spring cleaning, so while the process may be a bit painful at times, we encourage people to approach this task with conviction.” —Jean Liu

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Not Taking it All Off

Neat dining room table on top of rug.

Calimia Home

“It's impossible to do a good cleaning without taking items off shelves, moving furniture, and pulling up rugs. Shifting everything to the center of the room allows you to really get in where dust and dirt hide. Use this as an opportunity to rearrange and restyle. Lighten up for warmer months by swapping velvet pillows for linen, layering in lighter blankets, and brightening up your bookcase styling.” —Kelli Suozzo

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Using Improper Cleaning Products

“Do research before you take chemicals to your marble countertops or wood top surfaces, we have seen so many things ruined from simply cleaning with the wrong products.” —Nina Nash Long