10 Mindless Ways You're Wasting Your Money (Without Even Noticing)

Updated 04/27/17

If there's one thing I'm doing at any given moment, it's spending money (likely without even noticing). While a city like New York tends to have that kind of effect on people, the exorbitant rent prices, world-famous shopping scene, and the omnipresent temptations make saving money that much more important.

Of course, this sort of mindless spending isn't unique to one city; the desire to spend is present no matter where you live. This is exacerbated by the fact that stores are literally designed to make you shell out your hard-earned cash. If you've found yourself staring at your bank statement in disbelief more times than you'd like to admit, consider the following mindless money-wasters, as originally outlined by Wise Bread:

  1. In-app purchases
  2. Buying water bottles instead of using a refillable one
  3. Unused subscriptions
  4. Your morning coffee
  5. Buying name-brand everything
  6. Getting credit cards with high interest rates
  7. Keeping your cable TV when you already pay for Netflix
  8. Forgetting to turn off your lights
  9. Not adjusting your thermostat settings
  10. Going out to eat multiple times a week

What money-wasters would you add to this list? Share your opinion in the comments below! 

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