For Real: This Company Gives Its Employees $5000 a Year to Go on Vacation

Updated 06/29/17

A generous salary counts for a lot when you're thinking of accepting a new job, but there is a host of other benefits that are worth taking into account, too. If perks like paid parental leave, healthcare plans, and time-off policies sound enticing, you need to know about Basecamp, a web development company that makes these great employee benefits look pretty mediocre.

In addition to aforementioned perks, Basecamp offers a lineup of outrageous benefits, including $100 a month to spend on at-home massages, $100 for fresh produce, and tenured sabbaticals every three years. The clincher? The company gives employees $5000 a year to spend on vacation. Yes, they will literally pay you to travel the world.

"Go enjoy the weather, go enjoy the weekend, go on vacation," CEO Jason Fried told Business Insider. "It's really about distancing yourself from this trend of being always on, always working." One of the simplest reasons to explain how the company can afford to offer such outrageous benefits is its size—Basecamp has just over 50 employees. Fried said it also helps that the company is self-funded and doesn't have a board of directors.

It might seem like a big win for employees, but the company benefits from these policies, too. More than 60% of the staff has been there for four years or more. In the end, Fried says his ultimate goal is to keep people at the company but not always in the office.

What benefits are important to you when searching for a job?

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