Are You Using the Best Credit Card? Here's How to Tell

You found a good credit card deal, signed up, and have been using the same one for years—now what? If you've been swiping the same piece of plastic without thought, Nerdwallet's credit card expert Sean McQuay says you could be making a big financial mistake. "There are two very different mentalities. There’s a type of person who has a card and never thinks about it. Then there are the people who have been exposed to the world of credit card rewards and think of it as a tool to optimize their finances." Unfortunately, many Americans fall into the former group. 

It seems credit card fatigue is widespread among millennials. A 2015 study revealed 31% have no idea how much their current card is costing them in fees and that almost half admit to choosing a card based on an advertisement. If you don't know your fee record, settled on an easy deal, or have simply been using the same card for over a year, it's time to get back on track. Ask yourself these four financial questions to find the best credit card to suit your lifestyle.