Tour a Striking Condo That Feels Like Stepping Inside a Boutique Hotel Lobby

Modern-day abodes pop up in a variety of locales, creating cozy living spaces in unexpected environments. One such unique home is a Columbus, Ohio, condo fashioned out of a renovated storefront built in 1900. Designer and MyDomaine guest editor Jonathan Steinitz took on the task of giving the home new life with modern finishes and artful details that amplify the space's distinctive architectural elements—high ceilings, exposed brick walls, and large front windows. While the square footage of the one-bedroom, one-bathroom condo is relatively modest, Steinitz explains that the interesting layout provided options for creative use of space. The project required no major renovations, but they redid the finishes on almost everything. "Other than furniture, décor, and art, we painted, upgraded lighting and hardware, refreshed window treatments, and tiled the exterior of the kitchen island," he says.

"The owners share my love of travel, so I drew inspiration from some of my favorite boutique hotel lobbies around the world—those spaces where you'd love to meet friends for a snack or a drink or just enjoy a few spare minutes soaking up the vibe," says Steinitz. "The concept was basically Soho House goes to Sweden—a minimal, multifunctional space for cooking, eating, drinking, entertaining, working, or relaxing." Steinitz loves designing social spaces. "I try to find a layout that sets the tone for socializing, and from there, it's all about nailing the personality with the details," he says. "Figuring out how to create a flow of social energy in a space is the fun part, and it's pretty rewarding to be able to feel it when you walk into a room."