Micro Makeover: This Is How You Style a Console Table

The console table: Most often found in entryways, it also makes its way along the walls of any room in the house, from living areas to dining rooms. While practical in theory—we all need a place to drop our keys and loose change—the console is really an opportunity to create a showstopping design moment. Because a console’s purpose is often to fill a wall, it’s not enough to drop it in place and call it a day. A beautiful interior vignette—as decorated by the best interior designers—has many layers: a rug, one or two accent chairs, art, and mirrors.

The idea is to outfit your console by creating an environment around it, expanding it beyond its four legs with floor-to-ceiling accessories. Ready to give your own console a much-needed makeover? We’re giving you the tools with five console designs to fit any décor personality. Are you a beach bum or a die-hard traditionalist? We’ve got the console for you.