And Now, Here's a Look Inside the Coolest Bedrooms on Pinterest

Updated 09/11/19
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Falling down into the deep (and oh so sweet) abyss of slumber is something we'll never, ever tire of. But one thing that's even more enjoyable than the z's is the room we do it in. Is there anything more luxurious than a lazy Sunday spent between perfectly crumpled linen sheets while the sun quietly peeks through the curtains? You have no plans, no calendar reminders, it's just you and your boudoir (and maybe a good book). We consider this to be the ultimate end-of-week treat.

In fact, it's a big reason the humble bedroom continues to inspire us; we simply can't get enough. If your bedroom Pinterest board is exploding with pins too, then we found a few more cool bedroom ideas to share with you. Because you want an inspiring space to enhance your dreams, those weekend sleep-ins, and that all-important downtime. So who's ready to take their sleep chamber to the next level? Read on for inspiration (and hibernation) central.

This striking modern bedroom with just a hint of bohemia will have you dreaming of far-flung destinations while you snuggle up under the cozy Moroccan wedding blanket.

Essence of Morocco Moroccan Wedding Blanket $385

While most of the rooms we've seen (and pinned) have a fairly neutral feel, this room takes us over to the dark side, and we love it—turns out, pitch-black darkness also enhances slumber. So if you're ready to change it up, consider painting your walls an inky shade and see if it brings on the z's. But despite the benefits hibernation, this bedroom's design is also stunning to behold. The near-360-degree window situation also helps by layering the room in plenty of natural light. We also love the high degree of texture. Definitely coma-inducing. 

Jenni Kayne Merchant Modern $4700

It seems everything The Line touches turns to design gold—have you seen the company's Hampton's home? Case in point, this striking gender-neutral bedroom that throws out contemporary-cool vibes with a nod to the Scandinavian minimalism we love. It's clean and zen, just how we like it. 

Max Snow Untitled Art Print $8000

When we first laid eyes on interior designer Tamara Magel's polished Hampton's home, the entire MyDomaine team was left speechless. The 12,600-square-foot, 11-bedroom, and 12-bathroom estate was a massive project for Magel, and she didn't let the sheer volume or size deter her from producing some of her best ever work. This dreamy bedroom is proof. Texture envelopes the whole room, from the soft rug beneath your feet to comfortable layers and throws across the bed to the wood paneled roof overhead. This is where sweet dreams are made.

Gubi Cobra Wall Sconce $419 $314

We're constantly inspired by French style and their homes, and there's something about a wire canopy that takes us back to 18th-century Paris every time. We love how this room is dedicated to sleep with just a bed and a side table; nothing more, nothing less. The parquetry flooring is the perfect complement. 

Kathy Kuo Home Marietta French Country King Canopy Bed $4398 $3372

Linen sheets are our catnip. In the same way the plant makes some kitties blissful, just the look of crinkled linen sheets on a freshly (or unmade) bed makes us want to lie down and doze for the afternoon. We have zero chill. But linen aside, the layering of this room is total perfection. From the flatwoven rug to the stacked (and fluffed) pillows and the soft fabric pendant lamp above, this is where we want to count sheep any night, or any day. 

Ay Illuminate Nelson Sepulveda Lamp $550

If you want to make a space truly personal, add your favorite art. Whether photographs or word art, handpicked prints will inspire and delight. This neutral space is warm thanks to the soft glow of the modern pendant light, making it perfect for snoozing. We love the addition of the table lamp and wall sconce for added illumination when you want to read in bed. 

House Doctor Molecular Pendant $286

Now for one of the absolute coolest bedrooms we've ever seen… This is definitely for the wildly eclectic and playful at heart, but there's something very Swiss Family Robinson about it and it truly has inspired the adventurer in us all. The hanging curtains overhead provide a real private chamber–like experience, and we can only imagine the worldly person who inhabits this boudoir and gets to spend time surrounded by all the treasures they've collected around the world. 

Design Within Reach Icelandic Sheepskin Throw $250

If we had to list one thing every bedroom needs, it would be a plant. That might come as a surprise, but if you really want to enhance your sleep along with your décor, a plant will not only add that final touch, but it will also clear the air—these are the best indoor plants for expelling chemical pollutants. We love this giant rubber plant in a midcentury-inspired planter. It infuses just the right amount of color in an otherwise neutral bedroom. Perfection.

CB2 Basic Large Planter $60

Design-wise, there really isn't too much going on in this bedroom, but what more do you need when you're ceilings are covered in the coolest raw timber beams? For us, the texture and warmth of these overhead beams really take this room to the next level. Natural light and fresh white bed sheets make this room hibernation central. 

Parachute Home Sateen Venice Set $219

What are the essential elements for making a cool bedroom? Are there any design hacks you swear by to enhance sleep? Share them with us.

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