These Incense Burners Are Cool Girl–Approved

Cool Incense Burners
Sarah Elliott for @eyeswoon

When fall rolls around, there are few things we love more than lighting up a scented candle and taking the night off to read a book or take a bath. Although the habit is entirely relaxing, it's not necessarily economical. While going through an endless supply of designer candles each winter can burn a hole in your wallet, there is another alternative we enjoy just as much: incense.

Hear us out: If the thought of incense reminds you of a streetside psychic parlor or a trippy crystal shop, you're not alone. But a chic crop of cool incense burners on the market is indicating that the practice may be more widespread than we thought. The Japanese even have their own word for the art of appreciating incense: kōdō. And while some of these incense holders are not exactly on the cheap side themselves, the incense sticks, coils, and cones are much more affordable than a designer candle (and easier than sage smudging your house). So pick up one of these cool incense burners a new habit by the same token. These holders are cool girl–approved.

Cinammon Projects Geometric Japanese Incense Burner With Mineral Discs $345

It doesn't get more insanely chic that this Japanese-style brass-and-stone incense burner, inspired by the geometrics of kōdō (or the art of appreciating incense).

Fredericks & Mae Alto Incense Holder $95

This incredibly cool incense burner defies the laws of gravity with its cool suspension mechanics.

Spartan Shop Black Clay Dish With Incense Holder $25

This clay dish from Portugal instantly transforms from catchall to incense tray and offers two openings for thick or thin incense sticks.

Apparatus Incense/Tealight Burner $820

Perhaps the Rolls-Royce of incense burners, this Apparatus-designed holder can hold up to three simultaneous incense sticks or a tealight—whichever you prefer.

Urban Outfitters Emma Triangle Incense Holder $6

Proof that a cool incense burner doesn't have to be expensive—this Urban Outfitters brass triangle is only $6.

Monolith Incense Holder & Dish
MAAPS Monolith Incense Holder & Dish $62

Small sculpture or cool incense burner? This piece from MAAPS is a must-have for incense lovers.

Tennen Satin Nicker Tall Cylinder Burner $880

Another incredibly chic incense burner once again proves how chic burning incense can be. This one holds anything from coils to cones. 

Geo Incense Hut
BKB Ceramics Geo Incense Hut $52

Pottery lovers will appreciate this incense holder, which was handcrafted in clay in Joshua Tree, California.

Chikuseiko Cherry Blossom Bamboo Charcoal Incense $23

Don't let your incense holder go to waste. This Kyoto-based incense is the cream of the crop.

Urban Outfitters Hana 50 Stick Incense Kit $12 $8

Love the scent of sage but not so much the action of sage smudging? Try this incense to instantly clear the air in your space.

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