11 Affordable Medicine Cabinets for Every Style and Space



A good medicine cabinet is, undoubtedly, the unsung hero of any bathroom. Besides housing the obligatory mirror for endless hours of primping and polishing, it's shouldered with a whole host of other jobs, too, like expanding storage options vertically, beyond dark under-counter spaces and linen closets, handily storing the products you use most often at arm's length, and keeping all those not-so-attractive bathroom-y things (think: over-gnawed toothbrushes, embarrassing medications, and ugly first aid products) well out of sight.

But finding a stylish, and affordable, medicine cabinet can be like searching for the proverbial needle in a cheap, builder-grade haystack. (And let's face it, hidden electric outlets and built-in defoggers, while nice, aren't exactly cost-effective.) So instead of busting your budget (and patience) to find the best workhorse for the most used room in the house, consider these 11 cool medicine cabinets, all budget-friendly, designed for a variety of styles and spaces—from traditional to eclectic and everything in between.

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A mirrored medicine cabinet with two doors.
Fresca Surface Mount or Recessed Medicine Cabinet $309

Two mirrored doors swing out to reveal two adjustable glass shelves. It's a boon for apartment dwellers and homeowners alike, as it can either be mounted to a wall (with a heavy-duty bracket) or fully recessed inside it, for a more streamlined look.

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A traditional-style mirrored medicine cabinet that's slightly open.
Deco Mirror Beaded Bathroom Medicine Cabinet $140

Like a picture frame, four beveled-glass inserts—wrapped with inlaid Champagne-tone beading—enclose a central, beveled-glass mirror. Its recessed body stays hidden inside the wall while its powder-coated steel detailing recalls a classic work of art.

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For Awkward Spaces

medicine cabinet
Jensen Corner Mirrored Medicine Cabinet $271

Nobody puts Baby in the corner. Well, except this baby. Turn any awkward corner into useable storage space with this mirrored medicine cabinet. Its understated frame houses three fixed shelves.

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For Those Short on Space

A split image of a mirrored medicine cabinet behind a door on the left and a woman reaching into its hidden shelving on the right.
Cabidor Deluxe Mirror $230

If your tiny bathroom more closely resembles a linen closet with virtually nowhere to stow day-to-day essentials, utilize wasted space with this 6-foot back-of-door dynamo that attaches to any standard door's hinges. Inside, it has the storage capacity of five standard medicine cabinets (seriously), and outside, there's a full-length mirror. Customize its layout with six adjustable shelves and rods that keep tall items in place.

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AllModern Lee Surface Mount Framed Medicine Cabinet $940

Without getting too literal with Restoration Hardware's porthole medicine cabinet, we chose this navy, wall-mounted design for its modern edge and nautical colorway. Its frame is composed of built-in open shelving, so you'll never run out of space for your bathroom essentials.

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Pottery Barn Flynn Recessed Medicine Cabinet $379

Its recessed frame looks as if it was carefully welded in a factory shop, making it the perfect addition to any cool, industrial-style bath. A mirror opens up to an interior that's lined with three adjustable glass shelves.

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medicine cabinet
Birch Lane Adair Recessed Frameless Medicine Cabinet $515

This showstopper reveals three adjustable shelves and will fool everyone into thinking you've installed a vintage, Hollywood Regency mirror, in lieu of a bulky medicine cabinet, over the vanity.

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Organic Modern

A rustic looking mirrored medicine cabinet with wooden shelving hidden behind it.
Urban Outfitters Plymouth Sliding Storage Mirror $149

A metal-framed mirror slides to the right (via metal arms on its top and bottom) to uncover this medicine cabinet's natural, mango-wood frame, and two fixed shelves. The company keeps it cheap-and-chic by not providing wall-mounting directions (or hardware), so best to read up and get supplies before you hang.

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A round, wooden, mirrored medicine cabinet hung on a white wall.
SDK Round Bathroom Mirror Cabinet $322

This wall-mounted, lacquered-beech medicine cabinet looks exactly like any "molto costoso" (very expensive) 1960s Italian mirror, save for its hidden, adjustable shelves, and smooth-closing mirrored door.

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A mirrored medicine cabinet with built in strips of lighting forming a border around the mirror.
Vanity Art Surface Mount Medicine Cabinet with LED Lighting $241

Straight out of Stanley Kubrick's 1968 sci-fi movie, 2001: A Space Odyssey, this wood-framed, wall-mounted medicine cabinet features a mirrored front with built-in LED-light technology designed to illuminate every last pore—and two adjustable glass shelves within. Just make sure there's a power outlet nearby.

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A white, wooden, mirrored medicine cabinet that's slightly ajar.
Rejuvenation Wright Medicine Cabinet $379

Sturdy, substantial, and made of lacquered hardwood, this recessed medicine cabinet features a beveled-mirror door (with a super-cute knob!) that swings open to expose three adjustable, tempered glass shelves. The door can also be right- or left-oriented, depending on your bathroom's layout.

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