How to Decorate Cooler Without Buying Anything New

When it comes to cool, interior designer Nicole Newkirk has it in spades. We've long admired the sought-after designer's ability to curate lived-in spaces that feel organic and authentic rather than overly styled. Case in point: This achingly cool modern San Fransisco home. Simply put, Newkirk selects shades, mixes and matches textures, and arranges everyday objects in ways that make us covet her style, envy her clients, and, of course, double-tap her Instagram posts.

Naturally, we turned to the in-demand designer for a masterclass in how to decorate cooler without buying anything new. Yes, you read that correctly. We asked Newkirk to show us how she styles a cool space with exactly $0—and she did not disappoint. From purging your possessions à la Marie Kondo to shopping your home for true gems, her expert tips prove that a little ingenuity goes a long way when making the most of what you already have.

Ahead, the interior designer walks us through the process of making a room look impossibly cool without spending a single dime. Keep scrolling to see how it's done.