You Need to Check Out These 10 Wildly Cool Offices

As someone who works from home, I don’t get to experience office life. One of the things I miss, especially being based in San Francisco, are the perks of a fabulously designed office space. While the kitchens of Google and Twitter are envy-inducing, Inc.’s fifth annual list of the world’s coolest offices is jaw-dropping. From a conference room that hovers above the kitchen to a futuristic entryway with a lighting display, some of these offices are seriously chic. I’ve rounded up the top 10 company offices below, but be sure to visit Inc. to check out some images of the stunning offices.

  1. Airbnb: At Airbnb’s headquarters in San Francisco’s SoMa district, each room is decorated to resemble a real Airbnb listing.
  2. Bluecore: Soaring ceilings and colorful accents are features at this Lower East Side office that served as a liquor storehouse during Prohibition.
  3. Ekimetrics: Ekimetrics, a data-savvy marketing and consulting firm in Paris, has an office space with a startling contrast between old and new.
  4. Kickstarter: An old pencil factory is home to the crowd-sourcing company. It has a cozy but large library and second-floor garden.
  5. iHeartMedia. The battleship-inspired office is filled with shades of gray that surround bright pods of color that are freestanding conference rooms.
  6. Soundcloud: In Berlin, concrete floors and exposed ceilings give this office space an industrial feel.
  7. Harry’s: A startup men’s razor company, Harry’s has a sleek minimalist vibe with wooden floors, glass walls, and desks that can move up or down depending on whether an employer wants to work standing or sitting.
  8. Salt Co-Working: Brick walls, tiled black-and-white floors, and plush bean bag chairs are featured at the company's Russian headquarters, in which Salt-Co hopes to make its employers feel as if they are at home. There are even showers!
  9. Warner Music UK: An Edison bulb chandelier, black window frames, and leather furniture can be found at this music conglomerate’s British office space.
  10. Atlas Holdings: A ski chalet vibe dominates this Connecticut hedge-fund office. An 18-foot-long table made from reclaimed wood anchors the great hall work area flanked by two glowing fires.

Make your office more chic by hanging a pretty painting on the wall.

How is your office designed?