The Shocking Cost of Being a Bridesmaid

When your newly engaged best friend gives you an adorable card asking you to stand by her on her wedding day, you might want to check your bank account before you agree to be a bridesmaid. Bridesmaid dress website Weddington Way recently released a survey with some interesting findings about the less glamorous side of being in a wedding.

The site asked more than 600 bridesmaids how much it cost them to be in a bridal party. Between the day-of look (which includes the dress, shoes, hair, makeup, and accessories), the bachelorette party, the bridal shower, gifts, and travel expenses, the average cost of being a bridesmaid comes out to $1324. The majority of brides aren’t pitching in to offset the costs—only 17% pay for makeup and hair on the day of the wedding, and a mere 4% and 2% pay for the dress and shoes, respectively.

Women typically serve as a bridesmaid more than once in their lives, and if you’re in five weddings—the average for American women—you’ll spend a total of almost $7000. That’s a whopping amount of money to spend on five parties! 

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