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24 Chic Country Kitchen Ideas That Elevate the Timeless Trend

Kitchen with exposed shelves

Milk and Honey Life

The best thing about country-style kitchens is that they work whether you have a cozy, small kitchen or a large, oversized one. A little bit of rustic flair goes a long way to adding warmth and intimacy in a kitchen, which is why country-inspired decor has never really gone out of style when it comes to kitchen renovations.

From modern farmhouse to shabby chic to rustic and Scandi, there are many ways to embrace a country look and feel in your kitchen. Sometimes it takes just a deep farmhouse sink to get that lived-in feeling.

To prove just how universal and chic country-style kitchens can really be, we've rounded up our favorite ones. Click through for inspiration to bring a little country into your space.

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Consider Exposed Shelving

Kitchen with extra large gas stove

Jersey Ice Cream Co.

Exposed shelving is not only chic, but it can easily lend a rustic feel to your kitchen. Better yet, bring in some reclaimed wood for those shelves and you can create a provincial French kitchen in your own home.

Exposed shelves in a kitchen look best when they're floating. Consider nixing the brackets and getting a custom shelf built for a perfect fit.

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Go for Shaker

Country style kitchen with wood island

Design: Case Architects & Remodelers

Photography: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

One of the most popular cabinet styles is a traditional shaker cabinet, and the good news is that this classic look works in both modern and country-inspired spaces. Keep it simple and stick to neutrals, and your shaker cabinets can easily lend a touch of country.

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Expose Brick

Kitchen with exposed brick

Design: Case Architects & Remodelers

Photography: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Whether or not you paint it is up to you, but if you have it, consider exposing your brick. Brick is a great way to add texture and give your space a more rustic feel.

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Keep Pots and Pans Out

Kitchen with copper pots and pans

Jersey Ice Cream Co.

If you're the proud owner of new or vintage copper pots, why not show them off? Hang bars or pegboard on your wall to get that classic Julia Child-inspired look.

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Add a Pop of Color

Green country style kitchen

Design: Winn Design + Build

Photography: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Give your country-style kitchen a facelift by brightening up your cabinets. Keep a rustic look by opting for muted colors like green, gray or a soft yellow.

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Keep Exposed Beams

Kitchen with rustic wooden beams and green cabinets

Design: Case Architects & Remodelers

Photography: Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Few things scream "rustic" as much as exposed ceiling beams. Embrace your beams by keeping them exposed. If you don't have beams, you can still fake it with a DIY project.

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Pick Statement Lighting

Kitchen with rustic beams

Ashley Webb

One quick way to give your kitchen a country facelft is by installing antique pendants over your island.

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Focus on Farmhouse

Kitchen with farmhouse details

Design: Maggie Griffin Design


The modern farmhouse style is a great way to embrace a country look without making your kitchen look dated or stuffy.

Consider covering your ceiling with shiplap or panels to give it a cozy farmhouse feel.

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Invest in a Statement Stove

Kitchen with large stove

Naked Kitchens

If you want to create a wonderful focal point in your kitchen, consider a vintage or vintage-inspired stove.

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Bring in Blue

Kitchen with navy blue island

Naked Kitchens

Navy is not only a popular color for kitchens these days, but it can also feel classic and traditional in a modern space. Paint your island or upper cabinets navy for a pop of color that still feels cozy and country.

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Try Marble Tile

Kitchen with marble tile

Jersey Ice Cream Co.

We can't get enough of the marble backsplash look. Not only are they elevated and chic, but they can take a standard kitchen with subway tile and really transform it into a showstopper.

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Opt for Neutrals

Kitchen with white paint everywhere

Jersey Ice Cream Co.

If you want to channel the Scandi, rustic style in your kitchen, consider keeping it subtle and neutral. Opt for warm whites or light grays for a cozy look and feel.

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Add a Farmhouse Table

Kitchen with farmhouse table

Jersey Ice Cream Co.

Who needs a formal dining room? Instead, invite your guests directly into your kitchen and place a rustic farmhouse table right in the middle if you have the space.

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Experiment With Black Paint

Cottage kitchen with black paint

Jersey Ice Cream Co.

If you've never used black paint in your home, now is the time. Give your rustic kitchen a modern feel with a coat or two of a rich black paint.

A color block is a great way to create a faux bead board in your country kitchen.

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Set the Mood

Kitchen with slanted ceiling

Milk and Honey Life

The right country kitchen requires the right lighting. Set the mood with a warm glow by swapping out traditional bulbs for Edison-style bulbs.

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Try a Bold Tile

Kitchen with floral tile

Reena Sotropa

If you love country style that has a touch of kitsch, consider swapping out your tile for something a little more eye-catching. A patterned tile can add depth and interest to even the smallest kitchen.

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Go for Wood Floors

Kitchen with blue island

Amy Bartlam

Instead of installing tile in your kitchen, keep it country and bring your wood floors throughout the whole space. This not only adds warmth to your kitchen, but it also helps to unify the entire space in an open floor plan.

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Add a Statement Island

Kitchen with wooden bar stools

Ashley Webb

A beautiful oversized country kitchen always has enough room for the whole family to crowd around the table. If you have the space, invest in an oversized island with seating so you can eat right where the action happens.

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Elevate the Range Hood

Kitchen with a large range hood

Ashley Webb

A custom range hood is a great way to add a country flair to any kitchen. While it may add a few additional costs to your renovation, it's a great way to give your kitchen a personalized and elevated look and feel.

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Pick Copper Accents

Blue kitchen

Design: Astoried Style

Photography: Lisa Petrole

Embrace a vintage look in your kitchen by swapping out silver accents for copper ones. Not only does this give your space a country feel, but it also feels warmer and cozier than standard silver hardware.

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Consider a Stone Sink

Country kitchen

b.h. storm&co.

Instead of porcelain, consider stone. A deep stone farmhouse sink is a great way to channel a French country kitchen without looking outdated.

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Spruce It Up With Greenery

Kitchen with vines and plants

Kerry Lockwood

Indoor plants instantly transform any room in your house. If you want to give your country kitchen a little more personality, consider laying a vine-y plant along the top of the cabinets.

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Go for Butcher Block

Kitchen with antique stove

Nicki Wells

Not only is butcher block an incredibly attractive, rustic material to choose for your kitchen countertops, it is also one of the most affordable options. Opt for butcher block to give your space a little hint of rustic chicness.

Though it's affordable, butcher block will stain if you're not careful. Be sure to treat the wood and resist putting anything wet or hot directly on it to maintain its beauty.

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Keep Natural Texture

Kitchen with textured walls

deVOL Kitchens

Dealing with older walls covered in texture? Don't cover them up. Instead, embrace them and forgo the kitchen backsplash to let them shine through.