One in 50 People Met Their S.O. in This Unexpected Place

Meeting Your Partner on an Airplane

There are two types of travelers: those who like to strike up a conversation with the person next to them during a flight, and those who would rather gnaw off their arm than make small talk with a stranger for hours on end. If you fall into the former camp, you might be at an advantage—a new HSBC survey has found that one in every 50 travelers has met the love of their life on a plane. 

The odds might seem too good to true, but the study is surprisingly comprehensive. HSBC surveyed more than 5000 travelers across 141 different countries. As Travel+Leisure reports, they found that two U.S. couples meet on the average flight. 

Travelers aren't just starting romantic relationships, though. Researchers found that 16% made a business connection during a flight, while 14% made long-lasting friendships with other travelers. With such strong odds, it might be worth rethinking your airport attire. Here's what our editors wear on a plane to stay comfortable—and make a good impression:

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