Couples That "Unfriend" Each Other Stay Together, Expert Says

Are you "friends" with your partner on Facebook? Do you think blocking him or her would help or hinder your relationship? According to an NY-based relationship expert, staying friends on Facebook could be damaging your chances of a long-term liaison. In an interview with PRI, Ian Kerner said couples who "unfriend" each other stay together. By removing social media channels such as Facebook, you're forced to communicate via traditional channels such as face to face.

“The demands for our attention from technology are perhaps much greater than they have been in previous years,” says Kerner, a psychotherapist who specializes in couples counseling. “People feel the need to always be on and to always be working in this kind of global economy. And you have major [social platforms] like Facebook and Instagram—they’re all making such excessive demands on our attention that I think it’s probably more challenging for today’s couple to focus on each other and their family life than it was in previous generations.”

Kerner said he is seeing more conflicts as a result of social media, and partners becoming frustrated by their loved ones spending more time on social than with them. By "unfriending" your partner from Facebook, Kerner says, you can bring the "unknowingness" and "unpredictability" back into a relationship. So that means "put the devices down. Studies have shown that even if there’s a device nearby, it can change the texture of a conversation,” says Kerner. If you aren't ready to "unfriend" your partner, then Kerner suggests having a digital detox every now and then.

To read more of Kerner's relationship advice, visit PRI.

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Are you friends with your partner on Facebook? Would your relationship be happier if you did "unfriend" them? Let us know in the comments.