Go On, Spend All Day in Bed—Here's How to Make It Count

For some of us, the holiday break starts today. For others, it may start sometime next week, but one thing is for sure—there's only one thing on the agenda on day one of winter vacation: Do absolutely nothing. The one day of bliss that comes between the end-of-year rush and the holiday madness is a rarity to relish in once a year. Think about it—you don't have to think about work for another two weeks, and even if your gift shopping is not entirely done, you know you can afford one day of pure laziness to hit the reset button.

So how do you spend an entire day in bed without feeling the guilt sink in midafternoon? It all starts with a well-appointed bedroom that feels serene and clean. Taking the day off does not mean you get to revert back to your teenage slob ways. This day is all about you feeling rested and pampered. Stack up your favorite novels, queue up the Netflix, and settle in for a guilt-free lazy day.

Light it Up

How do you make your bed extra comfortable? Share your wisdom with us.