30 Best Ways to Spend All Day in Bed

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You don't need us to tell you that burnout is very real. Sometimes, more than a vacation or a fabulous haircut, self-care means you just need to stay at home and do one thing: absolutely nothing.

So how do you spend an entire day in bed without feeling the guilt sink in by mid-afternoon? It all starts with a well-appointed bedroom that feels serene and clean. Taking the day off does not mean you should revert back to your teenage slob ways. This day is all about you feeling rested and pampered.

Below are 30 inspiring ways to make the most of it. Stack up your favorite novels, queue up the Netflix, and settle in for a guilt-free, lazy day.

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Light It Up

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You may not think of it in the morning, but if you're going to spend all day in bed, you'll need adequate lighting for when it gets dark, which can be as early as 4 p.m. in the fall and winter. Bedside swing-arm sconces are great for directional light that you can easily switch on and off so you'll never strain your eyes when finishing a novel in one day. And best of all, you'll never have to leave the bed.

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Keep a Carafe


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If you don't plan on getting up, make sure you have plenty of water to hydrate throughout the day. A water carafe and glassware should do the trick. They're also handy to keep by the bed when you get thirsty in the middle of the night.

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Layer Up

layer up

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To make your bed extra cozy, layer blankets and quilts that will keep you warm all day long. A quilted coverlet will give you that country-house feeling and help you relax if you're in a busy city.

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Use Extra-Fresh Sheets

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If you're going to plan an extra-lazy day, make a point to change your sheets the night before. Halfway through your day in, you'll feel less like a total slob and more like John and Yoko during their luxe bed-in for peace at the Amsterdam Hilton Hotel if your linens are crisp, fresh, and perfectly plush—just like in a five-star guest room.

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Layer Your Rugs

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Nothing feels more luxe than stepping on a soft rug when getting up. So indulge yourself.

If the rug around your bed isn't large enough, layer a sheepskin on top to make sure you feel just as cozy when you get out of bed as when you are in it.

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Keep Textures Soft

soft textures

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Speaking of sheepskin, it's not just for floors. You can layer soft textures on your bed, too. Faux fur, cashmere, or mohair will make you want to snuggle all day long with a cup of coffee and a Netflix session.

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Don't Make the Bed

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Embrace the messy linens trend and let your sheets breathe. If you're going to take the day off, do so completely.

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Dim the Lights

dim the lights

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Set the mood for relaxation with the right lighting. We're big fans of dimmers so you can adjust the brightness just so.

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Grab an Eye Mask

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Catnaps are pretty much required for an entire day spent in bed. Nothing will give you better shut-eye than the perfect eye mask.

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Kick Back in Pajamas


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Speaking of shut-eye, it's time to finally invest in pajamas you won't be embarrassed to have your neighbors catch you in. But they should also be ultra-comfy and made of cotton, satin, or silk.

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Close the Curtains


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If eye masks aren't your thing, all you need are some solid blackout curtains that are not only perfect for naps, but also instantly transform your bedroom into a home theater. Netflix and chill, anyone?

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Wrap Up in a Robe


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No day in bed is complete without the perfect robe to lounge in. Whether you prefer cozy cotton or luxurious silk, it's the right occasion to indulge yourself.

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Treat Your Feet


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There's no need to neglect your feet. If you do have to leave your bed for munchies or the occasional bathroom trip, be sure to slip them into some warm and fuzzy slippers.

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Freshen Up With Flowers



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Perk up your room in an instant with a fresh bouquet of flowers that's easy on the eyes and the nose. Pick out blooms in your favorite color.

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Light Some Candles



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One of the most important, yet overlooked ways to set the mood in a room is scent. Aromatherapy candles not only make your room smell divine, but they can also boost your mood and provide mood lighting all at once.

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Pile on the Pillows


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Everyone's favorite part of the bed is the pillow, which may explain the pillow pile-on obsession. If you plan to make it your home for the day, bring on the fluff and stack up five pillows, built a fort, or make your body pillow your best friend.

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Splurge on Silk and Satin

Satin sheets
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When it comes to lounging, spring for anything silk or satin. Nothing feels better against the skin. Whether it's your sheets, blankets, or pajamas, go ahead and slip into something more comfortable.

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Don't Dry Out



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The air can get quite dry, particularly in cooler weather, and nothing is more irritating than dry, itchy, and flaky skin. Invest in a humidifier to keep the air in your room moist and your skin dewy.

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Choose a Soothing Color Palette

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To keep things easy on the eyes, you'll want to surround yourself with soothing colors, such as neutrals or soft hues. Stick with earthy tones such as green and taupe. If you prefer something on the lighter side, try soft pastels.

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Surround Yourself with Art


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Creativity is the best cure. Simply observing and being in the presence of art that brings you joy can immediately destress and uplift you. Select some wall art or creative decor that makes you happy and you'll never want to leave the room.

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Get Tech Savvy

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We are lucky to live in a high-tech era where there's an app for everything, and our phones are the ultimate multi-hyphenates. So invest in the Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote. Using your phone as a remote, you can easily find all your favorite shows, adjust the volume, and instantly browse loads of websites from the comfort of your bed.

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Read Up

read up


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If you're too inundated with tech, nourish your body and mind on your day off. Dive into a good book for hours on end or indulge your guilty pleasure of celebrity magazines. Either way, you can't go wrong.

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Get Lit

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Speaking of reading, if you're the type of person who prefers to keep it dark, you may want to invest in a handy book light. This way, you can keep the room dim and still enjoy your reading material.

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Tune Out



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This day will likely involve napping, and earplugs can help guarantee a more peaceful slumber. Don't let noisy roommates or pets interrupt your beauty rest.

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Listen Up



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On the other hand, soft background music can instantly create and maintain a soothing atmosphere all day long. Take your pick of classical, soft jazz, or whatever tunes you fancy to create some ambience.

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Catch Up on Your Beauty Routine

beauty routine

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It can be difficult to keep up a thorough beauty routine on the daily so this is the perfect time to catch up. Break out the face masks and pedicure kit, and get ready to glow up.

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Enjoy the View

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How can you enjoy a bit of nature without even having to get out of bed? Easy. Move your bed next to a window to take in the view and also lessen the chance of cabin fever setting in late in the day.

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Go All White

all white


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There is nothing quite like a room with a crisp white palette. It's why hotels often rely on this tried and true tactic to create a calm, clean, and soothing environment. But be careful not to choose sterile white; soft white hues work best.

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Go Green


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Up the good vibes in your room by adding indoor house plants to the mix. Being aesthetically pleasing isn't the only thing they have to offer. They can help remove air toxins, reduce stress, and boost your mood.

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Warm Up with Tea

hot tea

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The age-old art of drinking tea has stuck around for good reason. Numerous health benefits aside, the act of brewing tea alone is considered to be a form of meditation, and sipping on a cup of hot tea is sure to keep you warm and cozy all day long.

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