The Decorating Trend That Makes Every Interior Feel Like Home

living room with blue velvet sectional sofa
Amy Bartlam for Homepolish

While we're told time and time again to keep our homes clean and clutter-free, our busy lives often get in the way—for the record, this is how often you should clean it. But we're here to tell you, there is a happy medium. A home that embraces both comfort and chic. This new trend has been dominating our feeds lately, and we're calling it the lived-in look. It's the interior equivalent of French-girl style: cool and completely carefree. It's impeccably styled yet appears like you never lifted a finger. 

Just like French-girl outfits, a lived-in home should have a minimal foundation of classic décor within a pared-down color palette, peppered with unusual silhouettes, and plenty of statement accessories. The trick is not to fuss over it too much. After all, a home is meant to be lived in. Ahead we share some of the key elements to recreating a cozy yet chic aesthetic at home.

armchairs with pillows on jute rug
Chris Patey for MyDomaine

If you really want to achieve that perfectly imperfect vibe, you have to master the high/low mix. It's similar to the high-street designer fusion we love in fashion, except this time you're dressing up a room with a luxe and low-cost combo of furniture and décor—this Brooklyn loft gets it right. Take this chic loft living space above, for example. Homeowner Jayne Min of Stop It Right Now combined her iconic Eames chairs with an affordable IKEA jute rug—this is how you perfect the high/low art. Elevated accessibility is much more inviting don't you think?

IKEA Lohals Rug
IKEA Lohals Rug $80
all-white bedroom
Sara Medina Lind

If there's one trend that will inspire you to sleep in, it's the messy bed trend. Don't be fooled by this boudoir's undone, nonchalant appearance. Just like the perfectly tousled bedhead, it actually takes a lot of work to achieve this "carefree-chic 'I woke up like this' vibe," as our contributing editor Jonathan Steinitz so perfectly articulated. Despite science backing the bedmakers (our social editor swears by making hers every day), we wake up on the creative side of the bed and it feels so good. The key to perfecting this effortless look is investing in quality linen sheets. The stonewash process leaves them with a soft wrinkled appearance that's totally luxe and lovely.

Zig Zag Zurich The New Jeans Bedding in Blue Black
Zig Zag Zurich The New Jeans Bedding in Blue Black $279
kitchen with wooden countertop
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Achieving that lived-in aesthetic means ditching fussed-over for the informal. Think about contrasting styles and eras. One way to do this is by mismatching your chairs. Love an Eames lounge? Have a thing for Hans Wegner? Just can't go past a Cassina? Then this is the look for you. Be sure to introduce some unique vintage pieces in there too for added texture and visual interest. Layer various chair design styles together from wooden versions to metal bar stools. The secret's in the material mix.

David Geckeler for Muuto Nerd Chair
David Geckeler for Muuto Nerd Chair $499
side table with art, books, and lamps
Laura Metzler for Homepolish

Personal pieces are the salt and pepper of a space, just ask interior designer Kishani Perera. The Los Angeles–based expert (who has Molly Sims and Rachel Bilson on speed dial) has perfected the lived-in look. Her secret? Embrace personal mementos. "Oftentimes people are fearful of cluttering their spaces with knickknacks and shy away from including personal trinkets in their designs, but these are the very things that truly make a space your own," she told MyDomaine. "Pepper them liberally throughout your home for instant character and fun."

These sentimental items make any space feel like home, and that's how we all want our interiors to be. Cozy yet curated.

all-white living room
Jenna Peffley for MyDomaine

The key to transforming any space from stark to cozy is all in the layering. This edited curation of materials, surfaces, and fabrics creates a charming and warm atmosphere even if it's devoid of color. Just take Erin Featherston's all-white L.A. abode. Despite the tonal palette, the layering of the patterned cushions with the hand-knotted rug creates a soft, homely vibe we all want to curl up in—just like this cozy, textured Swedish home. Play around, fuse different pieces, and weave modern with classic décor for a look that's uniquely yours and ultimately relaxing.

CB2 Icelandic Sheepskin Rug
CB2 Icelandic Sheepskin Rug $249
vase of flowers in front of wall of photos and artwork
Alyssa Rosenheck for Kendall Simmons Interiors

There's something about the age-old appeal of retro appliances that brings a distinctly lived-in flavor. They become the star of the show without even trying. This eclectic Nashville loft is proof. If there was a shiny and new refrigerator instead of the 1950s Smeg version it certainly wouldn't have the same aloof yet whimsical vibe—you should see the stunning vintage-style cooker in this Montreal apartment. If you want to make a smaller statement, then sprinkle accents of timeworn heroes like this Kitchenaid mixer or a retro wall clock. 

Smeg Refrigerator
Smeg Refrigerator $1999

How do you add coziness and comfort factor to your home?

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