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11 Craft Rooms That Are Cute, Clever, and Totally Worth Copying

A blue craft room filled with minimalist furniture

Sarah Maker

Craft rooms might not be a must in every home, but for avid DIYers, they’re an absolute necessity. After all, creative folks need somewhere to store all those craft supplies—and to do their best work. We don’t think twice about allocating studios to artists or carving out home offices for desk-bound professionals.

Avid crafters need just as much space for their projects, so craft rooms often make a ton of sense if you have room for one in your space. What’s nice? There are tons of different ways to design a craft room, and many of them don’t require an entire room. With a little creativity, you can throw together a craft room that works for you.

To get your creative juices flowing, we’ve rounded up 11 pretty craft rooms, plus a design idea you can steal from each of them.

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Look for Fun Ways to Get Organized

A well organized craft room filled with colorful art supplies

Design: Design Eat Repeat, Photo: Evin Photography

If you’re an avid crafter, you likely have tons of supplies you need to store, so establishing a storage system that’s both pretty and practical is key. This craft room organization by Design Eat Repeat’s Melissa proves it’s very possible to pull off.

Start by identifying what you want to store. Then, look for organizers that make the most of those items. Colorful pens and pencils tend to look great in cups and baskets, but less pretty must-haves—like rulers and staplers—might be best tucked away in a closed drawer or cabinet.

“One of the biggest mistakes people make when organizing their craft room—or any room—is rushing out to buy products right away,” Ashley Murphy and Marissa Hagmeyer, co-founders of NEAT Method, say. “Be sure to measure your space before you head out to buy containers, so you know what size and how many to purchase. This will take the guesswork out of the process and help avoid numerous trips back and forth to the store.”

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Turn Your Must-Haves Into Décor

A craft room with color-coordinated fabric swatches and scissors

Hey Ley's Make Stuff

Scissors probably aren’t the first thing you think of when you hear the word “décor.” But, designing a craft room is basically an open invitation to get creative, and since you need to make the most of your space, it’s totally reasonable to make unconventional but practical choices, like displaying your prettiest scissors on your wall.

In this craft room, Cori George of Hey, Let’s Make Stuff turned her scissors into a color-coordinated art installation, and the result is incredibly cute. Plus, her display is space-efficient and practical—and what more could you ask for from craft room décor?

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Have Fun With Color Coordination

A color-coordinated craft room filled with blue and neutral-colored yarn

Happy Handmade Living

Craft rooms can get really colorful, as most markers, pens, and colored pencils come in rainbow packs. And even if they didn’t, you’d probably want the option of several different colors of ribbons, or at the very least, several different colors of paints.

Of course, if you’re not a maximalist, all that color can get overwhelming. If your palette is naturally pared down, consider using open and closed storage to your advantage. By putting your favorite colors on display—and tucking away all the others—you can design a craft room that feels calm and curated, like this yarn-filled room from Happy Handmade Living’s Lisanne.

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Make the Most of Your Space

A desk lined with colorful craft supplies

The Crafted Life

A craft room doesn’t have to be a full-blown room. You could just as easily throw together a craft closet, a craft wall, or—in The Crafted Life’s Rachel’s case—a craft desk.

Rachel installed a shelving system that took advantage of the space above her desk, giving her plenty of room to store all her must-haves. She used colorful brackets to make the space even brighter and more fun, and since they echo the colors in her rainbow craft supplies, they left this corner of her home feeling cleaner and more cohesive, too.

A blue metal shelf bracket, currently for sale at Etsy
Etsy UniqueWoodArtwork Metal Shelf Bracket $20.00
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Find Ways to Combine Form and Function

A minimalist craft room lined with white organization essentials and craft supplies

Rebecca Propes

When it comes to craft rooms, there’s usually a lot to organize. Since crafting essentials tend to be pretty cute, it makes sense to put them on display, but remember that there’s room for décor in your space, too.

This craft room from Rebecca Propes offers a thoughtful combination of practical storage and cute décor—one that’s definitely worth taking cues from. Rebecca has worked tons of baskets, hooks, and shelves into her small space, but she’s also made room for cute accessories like plants, a placard, and a small clock.

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Build a Craft Closet From Scratch

A pastel pink wardrobe filled with organized craft supplies

In My Own Style

Don’t have the space for a full-blown craft room? Opting for a craft closet is a popular and space-efficient—alternative. You can make use of a spare closet in your home, or you can DIY a freestanding craft closet using an armoire or wardrobe.

Diane, the blogger behind In My Own Style, transformed an old piece of furniture into a stunning craft closet using a little pastel pink chalk paint. Inside, she neatly stores beads, thread, ribbons, paint, and all her other crafting must-haves.

What’s nice about this approach? Most craft closets look inconspicuous on the outside and incredible on the outside, but this craft armoire looks stunning whether it’s open or shut.

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Get Creative With Your Accessories

A craft room with a paint swatch wall

Design: NEAT Method, Photo: Alisha Cohen

Organizing your craft supplies is an obvious first step, but when it comes time to outfit your space with décor, what pieces should you stock up on? Plants and works of art are always no-fail options, but if you want a space that feels a little more interesting—and a lot more crafty—you can fill your space with some of the prettier items you’d find at a craft store.

In this craft room, NEAT Methods’ Ashley Murphy and Marissa Hagmeyer used paint swatches to piece together a work of art that’s clean, colorful, and sleekly statement-making.

A paint swatch fan book, currently for sale at Home Depot
Home Depot BEHR 1,800 Color Fan Deck $20.00
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Use Pegboard Panels From Ceiling to Floor

A craft room with a pastel pink pegboard panel wall

Design: Love County Design, Photo: Drew Rice of Red Pant Studio

Pegboard panels make a classic addition to any craft room—and it’s not hard to see why. The panels make eye-catching organization easy to come by, and if you paint yours a vibrant color like pink, you’ll end up with an even more statement-making space.

The designers behind Love County Design created this pegboard-lined craft room for one of their clients, and the result feels both clean and cozy. The designers used pegboard panels to create an exposed storage system, and they lined it with practical must-haves and more artful additions, like dried flowers and framed drawings.

A white pegboard panel, currently for sale at IKEA
IKEA Skadis Pegboard $10.00
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Spread Color Throughout Your Space

A kids' craft room filled with colorful chairs

Design: Oh Joy!, Photo: Bethany Nauert

Your art supplies don’t have to be the only colorful items in your craft room. In fact, balancing them out with a few colorful pieces of furniture and décor can leave your space feeling much more cohesive.

Joy, the blogger behind Oh Joy!, designed a color-filled craft room for her children. And though the room was crafted with kids in mind, it’s loaded with design ideas adults will want to steal.

Joy added thoughtful pops of color throughout her space with pastel table legs, neon chair backs, vibrant works of art, and painted pegboard panels. These bold pieces thoughtfully complemented the colorful art supplies in the room, making the entire space feel cleaner and more balanced.

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Keep Things as Sleek as You Want Them to Be

A blue craft room filled with minimalist furniture

Sarah Maker

Craft rooms tend to be pretty colorful, but that doesn’t mean yours has to be. After all, the goal is to create a space that you love spending time in. If you’d prefer a more minimalist interior, curate a craft room that fits that bill.

This craft room from Sarah, the blogger behind Sarah Maker, is proof that you don’t have to load up on vibrant colors if you don’t want to. Sarah made the most of closed storage by placing some of her most colorful supplies into neutral-colored baskets. Because minimalism doesn’t mean skimping on color entirely, she used open storage options and painted walls to bring a softer sense of color to her space.

A woven basket, currently for sale at the Container Store
The Container Store Water Hyacinth Storage Bins with Handles $9.00
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Make Your Space Feel Like Yours

Shelves lined with organized craft supplies

NEAT Method

Any time you’re putting forth the effort to design a space, you’ll want to make sure you end up with something that feels uniquely yours. So, look for little ways to add a personal touch to your space.

Here, Murphy and Hagmeyer of NEAT Method used handwritten labels to make a craft room feel more organized and more personal. You can achieve a similar effect by filling your space with items you love, decorating with a piece of furniture you fixed up, or even putting some of your favorite crafting projects on display.