9 Crazy-Simple Life Hacks to Steal From the Wealthy

We may not be living the lifestyles of the rich and famous, but we sure are obsessed with the details of them—it’s why we DVR all of the Real Housewives episodes and watch reruns of My Super Sweet 16. But contrary to popular belief, according to a recent Time article, the most successful people are not just good at spending money, they’ve also employed some simple ways to live better, more enriching lives (that don’t just revolve around cash flow). We’d have to be crazy not to want to make each day a little bit sweeter with these easy steps.

  1. Don’t watch the clock. Tick tock. Why is it nothing gets done when you’re obsessed with watching the minute hand go by? Realize that the more productive you are, the more you will get out of your job—and your time.
  2. Self-promotion is key. You’re your own biggest cheerleader. If you don’t ask for that promotion or that raise, no one else will. Learn to talk yourself up, because you’re not always going to be in a role where your boss is going to be there to champion you.
  3. Switch up your playlist. Varying what we’re listening to, whether it be our “crunch time” playlist or morning commute podcast, can make us more productive. If you doubt it, throw on some pump-up music and get to work… You may be tapping your toes a bit, but I’ll bet you your fingers will be making their way around your keyboard just as quickly.
  4. Find a mentor. One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was to identify someone whose career you admire and ask him or her how they got to that point in their employment. Chances are, they’ve faced the same work struggles you do now and will be happy to give you advice.
  5. Be a goal setter. It doesn’t matter if you write them down in a journal or type them into a notes app on your phone: Set daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals. When you hit them, cross them off the list and brainstorm some more.
  6. Be more organized. When I’m most stressed, the first thing I do is clean everything in my apartment. Only when my space is physically not in disarray am I able to focus on my mental overload—and then tackle it.
  7. Take criticism with grace. Not only should you be able to accept constructive feedback, you should be able to learn from it (and not be peeved). If you do get upset, shake it off.
  8. Plan your time carefully. It's one of the most valuable things we have in life. Write down all your important work deadlines and also fit in plenty of “me” time.
  9. Ask a ton of questions. Always. And then ask more.

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