5 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Spring Bouquet

Updated 09/23/16

Flowers mark any special occasion: red roses on an anniversary, poinsettias during the holidays, white lilies for a graduation, etc. For the launch brunch of Clique Media Group’s new social media–only sister brand, Obsessee, BloomNation supplied us with gorgeous multicolored poppy arrangements.

Essentially Etsy for flowers, BloomNation is a marketplace where mom-and-pop florists can sell their individual designs. BloomNation and its vendors are experts at creating gorgeous bouquets that are anything but ordinary. Stephanie Elhayani is the owner and creative director at Seed Floral, the West Hollywood–based florist that created the arrangements for our Obsessee brunch.

“Brunches are for sipping girly drinks and catching up with friends over breakfast, so we would choose the most feminine of flowers, such as peonies, poppies, anemones, garden roses, spray roses, and lilac, and fill in with soft astilbe or Queen Anne's lace and some trailing greens along the table,” Elhayani says. “That will give you that soft, delicate look perfect for your Sunday brunch.”

Keep reading for more tips from Elhayani on how to create the ultimate spring brunch bouquet, and don’t forget to check out Obsessee to get in on more of the fun.

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What’s your favorite flower to use in arrangements? Tell us in the comments below.  

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