How to Make a Minimal Home Feel Warm, Cozy, and Inviting (Yes, It's Possible)

Julie Van Daele is the founder of Well Received, a creative consulting agency for design-driven brands. She has extensive experience in the home and design space, working with brands that include Stephen Kenn, Klein Agency, Morrow Soft Goods, (Wh)ore Haüs Studios, and most recently luxury brand Audemars Piguet. With a minimal yet warm aesthetic, she is able to offer original and refreshing interior styling services for residential and commercial projects in both L.A. and New York.

When describing a home as modern, many people immediately think stark, pristine, cold, not for everyday living, expensive, unapproachable, and so on. While I understand the perception, I’m here to show you that modern can be clean yet warm, carry strong lines yet still be cozy, and look designer-worthy without the designer price tag.

A modern lover’s color palette typically tends to be black, white, and gray, right? But how do we make those three colors warm and approachable? As someone who lives in a modern, monochromatic home (where I’m raising a young family), I know firsthand that it is possible—step inside and see for yourself.