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37 Smart Bathroom Storage Ideas We Wish We’d Thought of Sooner

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Nicole Davis Interiors

Whether you're putting away linens or seeking space for your collection of skincare products, it's no surprise that renters and homeowners alike are constantly in search of creative bathroom storage ideas. Since this room has to be so versatile, we set out to find the best tips, tricks, and clever ideas to keep it as fresh as it is functional—for remodelers and renters alike, we've got your bathroom covered.

Keep scrolling for inspired ways to maximize your bathroom's storage potential, courtesy of some of our favorite interior designers.

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Opt for a Dresser-Style Vanity

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Emily Henderson; Photo: Sara Tramp

This bathroom, designed by Emily Henderson, certainly doesn't skimp on storage. Like a bedroom dresser, the vanity boasts plenty of cabinet space with several drawers to store the daily essentials. Thanks to closed doors under the sink, there's plenty of room for towels and linens while saving drawers for smaller items. Paired with vibrant tile floors, white walls, and smaller blue accents in the room's décor, this vanity makes the bathroom feel like a luxury suite.

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Install Floor-to-Ceiling Shelving

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Home by Polly

In this bathroom by Home by Polly, floor-to-ceiling shelving offers up plenty of storage in an otherwise neglected corner. Chic baskets corral clutter and double as décor, drawing the eye up to make the space feel larger. A combination of open shelving and closed cabinets allows more stylish items to stay on display, while other necessities can be stowed away for a clean finish.

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Add Vertical Storage With a Decorative Ladder

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Cathie Hong Interiors

Make like designer Cathie Hong and add some much-needed vertical storage to your bathroom with a decorative ladder. Placed next to the clawfoot tub, this ladder creates space for plenty of towels, bathrobes, and more while saving valuable room in cabinets and closets. To complete the look, style a small stool next to your ladder to use conveniently within arm's reach during a relaxing soak.

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Forgo a Traditional Medicine Cabinet

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Emily Bowser via Emily Henderson; Photo: Sara Tramp

Designer Emily Bowser skipped the traditional medicine cabinet in favor of recessed open shelving above the sink in this space. This clever bathroom storage solution makes it easy to access regularly used items and saves space on other surfaces for decorative accents like potted plants.

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Mount a Shower Caddy From the Ceiling

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Milk and Honey Life

Leave it to Karen Emile of Milk and Honey Life to come up with this ingenious bathroom storage idea and blend it perfectly with the room's style. In this white bathroom, hanging baskets are placed conveniently above the soaker tub to serve as DIY shower caddies. Bath products, linens, candles, and more are easily available (so you'll never have to leave the tub).

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Tidy Up Loose Clothes

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Gold a la Mode

In this bathroom designed by Gold a la Mode, a large vanity creates space for daily essentials—but the best idea comes from the laundry basket. By keeping the space next to the vanity open, the designer left room for tidying up loose clothes that often get left in the bathroom after showers.

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Create Storage Under the Sink

bathroom storage ideas

Design: House of Chais

This bathroom by House of Chais makes another case for hidden storage under the sink. While a decorative shelf is mounted on the wall for attractive items like plants and candles, this two-door vanity offers room to stow items out of sight—even in the smallest bathrooms.

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Keep Your Shower Looking Sleek

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Charlie Coull Design

Designer Charlie Coull incorporated built-in shower shelving in this space. The idea works in luxurious suites and small bathrooms alike: While it takes a tile renovation, it offers a sleek finish whether you're forgoing the shower caddy or simply adding shelves for multiple family members' products.

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Install Wall-to-Wall Vanities

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Julian Porcino Home Consultant

If you're looking for a serious storage solution that can accommodate plenty of linens, towels, and products alike, make like designer Julian Porcino and opt for a wall-to-wall vanity. It's a luxe addition to a large bathroom—or a lifesaver when you're working with a small space.

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Incorporate Seating

bathroom storage ideas

Design: House Sprucing

How much time do you spend leaning over the countertop for a close-up look in the mirror when washing your face or applying makeup? This bathroom by House Sprucing makes a compelling case to add a seat. Choose a small stool that tucks underneath open cabinets to save space.

Place storage containers in the drawers nearest your vanity seat to keep makeup and other daily items organized (and within reach when sitting down).

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Turn a Vintage Piece Into a Vanity

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Calimia Home

If you need plenty of storage but want to try out a unique look, opt for open shelving by upcycling a vintage piece into your new vanity. Not only do the shelves in this space by Calimia Home look modern and unique, but the completely open style makes it easy to switch up baskets and towels without being restricted by the size of your cabinets.

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Save Surfaces for Function

Design: Brady Tolbert; Photo: Zeke Ruelas

Design: Brady Tolbert; Photo: Zeke Ruelas

If you live in a rental and can't make too many costly updates to improve your bathroom's lack of storage space, take a page from designer Brady Tolbert and install a floating shelf to put decorative items on display. It's an easy way to instantly elevate the space and make it feel custom without a major overhaul. Opt for metallic finishes to create a polished, timeless look.

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Free Up the Linen Closet

under the sink bathroom storage

Design: Nicole Davis Interiors

Follow the lead of designer Nicole Davis and incorporate towel storage into your vanity. This clever storage solution not only frees up space in your linen closet, but it also ensures that you'll have fresh towels on hand when you need them most (like each time you're fresh out of the shower).

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Use a Bath Caddy to Pick Up Your Vanity's Slack

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Anita Yokota

If you're lucky enough to have a freestanding tub in your bathroom, take a cue from interior designer Anita Yokota and use a bath caddy to pick up your vanity's slack. Rather than stashing jars full of pretty bath salts and aromatic candles under the sink, put them out on a bath caddy to double as décor instead.

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Match Shelving to Accent Colors

bathroom storage ideas

Design: House of Hanes

In this bathroom by House of Hanes, wall-mounted shelving adds plenty of extra space for décor and daily necessities—but thanks to its color palette, it looks intentional and modern. The black-and-white design allows the entire space to feel sleek, clean, and fresh.

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Opt for a Double Vanity, if Possible

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Emily Henderson; Photo: Sara Tramp

If you're ready to take on a bathroom renovation, don't be afraid to go big on the vanity. Henderson added the perfect finishing touch to this luxurious, bright space with a white double vanity topped off with a marble countertop.

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Invest in Custom Built-in Cabinetry

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Emily Henderson; Photo: Sara Tramp

If you have the budget to go all out, overhaul your space with custom built-in cabinetry where everything has its place. Gain inspiration from this space designed by Henderson and incorporate vertical shelving—complete with the perfect white shade to match the trim—into your space.

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Save Shelf Space With Towel Hooks

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Emily Henderson; Photo: Sara Tramp

This simple (but often forgotten) design trick can free up space on your open shelving. In the same space by Henderson, a wooden rack with hooks brings a rustic vibe to the room while adding storage for towels and robes.

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Get Creative With Storage Baskets

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Desiree Burns Interiors

Storage baskets are an excellent way to contain multiple items in one area without sacrificing the clean, sleek finished look. Desiree Burns Interiors strategically placed woven styles underneath this sink to house freshly folded towels within easy reach.

If you're buying baskets to use with existing furnishings, measure the opening before shopping your favorite home décor store to ensure they fit snugly inside.

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Play Up Your Personal Style

bathroom storage ideas

Design: House of Chais

Who said storage can't be attractive? The designers at House of Chais expertly incorporated stylish baskets into this bathroom. If you're feeling like your space needs a pop of personality, don't be afraid to bring out your own character and individual style for a design that feels like home.

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Group Daily Products Together

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Emily Henderson; Photo: Sara Tramp

When your counters are feeling cluttered by daily products, learn from Henderson and group them all together in a stylish tray. This simple silver metallic option brings an eye-catching shimmer to the space, while products stored in matching glass containers look cohesive.

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Use Floor Baskets for Spare Linens

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Cottage + Sea

Along with freshly folded towels and bathroom essentials, your storage baskets can also be a great place to keep spare linens or robes. In this space by Cottage + Sea, an open-weave basket brings a rustic character to the room while leaving a clear line of sight to patterned linens inside.

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Opt for Vanities With Built-In Shelving

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Shannon Tate Interiors

To optimize storage in a small-space bathroom, gain inspiration from Shannon Tate Interiors and select a vanity with built-in shelving. Fill the cubby-like spaces with decorative baskets to keep various odds and ends stashed out of sight. The designer tied this space together by adding a unique personal touch: While these eye-catching geometric floors may look like tile at first glance, Tate actually created them by painting each shape with a stencil.

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Try Removable Shower Storage

bathroom storage ideas

Design: House Nine Interiors

If you don't have the budget to overhaul your shower and create built-in tile shelving, make like House Nine Interiors and try removable storage. These metallic racks can easily be suctioned to the wall, and they're especially helpful when you feel like rearranging the interior.

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Add a Bonus Shelf to Open Vanities

bathroom storage ideas

Design: House of Chais

Open vanities are classic—they make any sink look like a modern floating style, and they don't take up too much visual space in a small bathroom. But when it comes to storage, they can present challenges. Not to worry: Like the designers at House of Chais, you can easily add floating shelves underneath for attractive storage baskets that can even disguise the plumbing.

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Repurpose Pieces for Surface Space

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Milk and Honey Life

We love a good DIY project, and it's always great to decorate with what you have (especially for your wallet). Milk and Honey Life added extra surface space in this small bathroom by styling repurposed pieces for decorative accents.

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Style a Functional Bathroom Stool

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Emily Henderson; Photo: Sara Tramp

This beautifully worn wooden stool may look like it's meant for décor, but it also serves an important functional purpose. Henderson strategically placed the statement piece next to the standalone tub in this bathroom to make space for smaller items (like books, candles, and hand towels) during long soaks.

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Spruce Up Your Products

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Burchard Design Co.

If you don't have the storage space to hide your daily items out of sight, you can transform them into the star of the show. In this space by Burchard Design Co., bottles of shampoo and conditioner are matched to the color of the body scrub and fresh flowers on the shower's windowsill. Rather than switching up your hair care products based on color, style glass or ceramic containers that can be refilled as needed.

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Make Room for Standalone Storage

bathroom storage ideas

Design: Calimia Home

If you're working with a large bathroom that's lacking in cabinet space, opt for a piece of furniture that can hold it all (and look elegant at the same time). The designers at Calimia Home used bookshelves with glass doors in this space to hold baskets, towels, and more with a clear view of what's inside.

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Blend It In

bathroom storage ideas

Design: House Nine Interiors

To keep your bathroom's storage shelving from standing out as a focal point, paint it the same color as your walls for a clean, cohesive look. House Nine Interiors chose a soft, warm gray shade in this design for an airy vibe that still feels inviting.

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Use Window for Storage

window bathroom storage

Design: Emily Bowser via Emily Henderson/Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

If you're running low on shelf space, there might be other options you haven't considered. Emily Bowser for Emily Henderson Designs turned a deep-set window into a three-tier shelving unit simply by installing a few floating shelves. It holds all the beauty and bathroom products you need within reach without taking up any valuable vanity space.

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Transform Furniture into a Stylish Vanity

dresser turned into bathroom vanity

Design: Ashley Montgomery Design

Purchasing a vanity with additional drawer space is a great option, but sometimes you may need a little more to work with. How do you do that? By repurposing old furniture into a vanity, like this dresser in a bathroom by Ashley Montgomery Designs. While some of the drawer space is taken up by plumbing, there is ultimately still plenty of extra space—and it makes a stunning statement piece.

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Extended Shelving

extended wood floating shelf in bathroom

Design: Burchard Design Co.

It's always a bonus when your bathroom comes with built-in shelves. However, when dealing with limited space, here are innovative ways to make the most of what you have. This bathroom designed by Burchard Design Co. takes the small ledge underneath the first bathroom mirror and uses it to support a wooden plank that extends all the way underneath the second mirror of this double vanity. Not only is the space doubled, but the light wood creates stylish contrast in the white modern bathroom, giving it a slight farmhouse vibe.

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Use a Utility Cart

IKEA utility cart in bathroom

Design: Julie Rose via Emily Henderson/Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Some storage solutions are staples for a reason. The RÅSKOG utility cart by IKEA is a go-to for many when it comes to storage—and it works ideally in a bathroom. The cart in this bathroom designed by Julie Rose for Emily Henderson Designs keeps towels on the bottom while using the upper two trays to store face products, cotton balls, and even space for a potted plant. It's tucked away in the corner to keep it out of the way, but its rolling wheels allow it to be moved around with ease.

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Floating Vanity With Shelf Underneath

floating vanity with floating shelf underneath

Design: Michelle Berwick Design

Floating vanities are sleek and sophisticated but at times can feel as if you're short on space. This gorgeous bathroom designed by Michelle Berwick Designs already has a spacious vanity with plenty of surface area but adds to it by installing a large floating shelf underneath. It's perfect for large towels and other items you need access to immediately.

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Mount a Towel Bar to Side of Your Vanity

pink retro bathroom

Design: Michelle Boudreau Design

Rather than taking up space on the wall, Michelle Boudreau Designs opted to mount the towel bar to the side of the vanity. The simple placement keeps the dećor in the bathroom looking sleek and symmetrical, and is an ideal space saver for smaller bathrooms.

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Small Stool That Can Be Tucked Away

bathroom double vanity, light pink walls

Design: Michelle Boudreau Design

While we've seen multiple stools that double as a table, sometimes you just need the extra seating completely out of the way. This double vanity has the perfect amount of space in between to tuck a small stool away and keep the walkway completely clear.

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