16 Tiny But Thoughtful Gifts to Give Instead of a Candle

Birthdays, holidays, dinner parties, and housewarmings are, in a word, fun. They give us an excuse to gather with friends and family to do nothing but celebrate each other and unwind. What could be better? Well, there is one part of the whole ordeal that could be a little better: the hunt for the perfect gift. Finding a token of gratitude that's stylish, thoughtful, within budget, and likable is a tall order, so we took it upon ourselves to find 16 little trinkets and home décor objects that anybody would love to unwrap. They're much more unique than a candle—in fact, we made sure to exclude candles altogether. 

Scroll through below to bookmark your favorites and keep these handy for upcoming birthdays, dinner parties, and housewarmings. Or start getting your holiday shopping done ahead of time, or just treat yourself to your favorite goodie below.