11 Thoughtful Ways to Show Mom You Care Today

Serve her bedside brunch (or any meal, really). 

Craft a handmade card. Even if you're a DIY novice, she'll love how special it is.

Tell her you've got it covered today. Take all of her errands off her plate without her having to ask. Have that laundry folded, that grocery list sorted, you name it.

Call her, will you? No matter where you live, call your mom now and sing her praises.

Shower her in her favorite sweet indulgence (whether it's Red Vines or chocolate chip cookies). Something you bake yourself wins extra points.

Plan an impromptu afternoon picnic and whisk her away to a pretty garden spot. Pack a little champagne or sangria for good measure.

Stage a family photo session. Moms can never have too many photos to show off.

Make a list of all the lessons and special wisdoms she has taught you. Write them down and give them to her as a letter. She'll tear up, guaranteed.

Steal her away for an indulgent spa treatment (a simple manicure or massage will do the trick).

Take dinnertime off her plate (and enlist the help of others, while you're at it). Finish the meal with a dessert that feels like home (did someone say ice cream sundaes?).

Call her again. A second "just because she's the best" call will catch her off guard and make her smile.

What is your favorite way to celebrate Mother's Day?