15 Creative Valentine's Day Ideas That Aren't Cheesy

creative valentines day ideas

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Considering the abundance of prepackaged romance clichés, creative Valentine's Day ideas are surprisingly hard to come by. Where's that bout of creativity when we need it most? Well, to put an end to the frantic research binge of unique ideas for a love-filled day that tends to bubble up this time of year, we decided to put on our Cupid hats. Because even though it gets a bad rap for being cheesy, it has the potential to be really special.

So are you someone who loves outdoorsy adventures? Or do you identify as a homebody? Maybe you're more of a foodie or a culture aficionado. Are you coupled up, casually dating, or happily single? We made sure to include activities that everyone can enjoy, regardless of your relationship status.

Here are our picks for the best creative things to do on Valentine's Day.

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Plan a Movie Marathon

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Plan a movie marathon that comprises all your favorite films you've enjoyed together. Or if you aren't into the same genres, make a personal video of moments you've documented together.

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Turn Your Home Into a Spa

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Turn your home into a spa and pamper each other. Or download the app Soothe and have a masseuse come to your house instead of having to go to the spa. It's relaxation delivered to your door.

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Create a Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt

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Create an at-home scavenger hunt where each clue is a nod to something you've shared together. You can pick the prize.

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Take in the Views

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Head to a lookout point and remember your layers if you live somewhere chilly. It is the middle of February, after all. Bring food for a picnic if you can brave the weather long enough to sit through a meal.

You could also bring a telescope for stargazing if it's a clear night.

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Go to an Escape Room

escape room

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If you're open to doing something kind of odd, go to an escape room. It's interactive and a little thrilling depending on the storyline, which means that it's not for everyone, but it is a hilarious experience.

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Head to a Hotel

hotel room

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Switch things up by renting a hotel room for the night. Bonus points if it has a spa on site. If you feel like getting away but prefer roughing it, spend the weekend camping.

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Hit the Road

couple biking

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Taking a bike ride is not only a great way to get your workout in, but also the perfect way to take in some nature on Valentine's Day if you live in a warmer climate. So find a nearby bike trail or head to the beach.

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Get Cultured

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Do a tour of the best art exhibits or galleries in your area. Then have some supplies waiting at home to start doing creative projects yourselves.

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Explore Your Neighborhood

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Organize a day of hopping around to the best restaurants, theaters, museums, and cafés that bring back memories you've created together.

If you want to go the extra mile, plan ahead and have a small gift waiting at each location.

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Get Moving


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One romantic activity you can opt for is taking a dance class. Whether you learn to line dance or salsa, you'll have a new skill up your sleeve at the end of the day.

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See a Show

couple at concert

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Surprise your partner with tickets to a concert, speaker event series, or comedy show you'll both enjoy. Even better if it's taking place day-of.

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Indulge Your Sweet Tooth

couple eating ice cream

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Organize a dessert hop to all your favorite spots, and order one thing at each place to share. Make sure you come hungry.

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Cook Together

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Spend the night making a meal from scratch together. Set the mood with good tunes.

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Snag a Reservation

couple eating dinner

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Do whatever it takes to get a reservation at that new hot restaurant your S.O. has been dying to try. If you can't get one, make it for a later date and print out the reservation confirmation so they know you tried, and then try to re-create one of the dishes at home.

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Support Local Breweries

couple at brewery

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Try out some of the breweries in town with your date on Valentine's Day. If they love beer, this plan will surely win them over.

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