How to Cultivate Creativity, Which Is Key to Aging Well

According to a recent Inc. article, the secret to staying young doesn’t involve expensive eye creams or special diets. Instead, author Stephen Key argues that the key to aging well is creativity. It’s never too late to try licensing your ideas, and Key uses Isaac Waksul, a 68-year-old entrepreneur, as an example of how creativity can keep you young. "It's all about excitementabout having a reason to wake up at 6 a.m. in the morning and have something important to do,” Waksul said. “It’s my natural tendency to want to do more and more. Now that I'm creating new things and bringing them to market, I'm letting the world have some new products and new ideaswell, it's making it even more exciting." Waksul believes that there are several ways to cultivate creativity, which will bring excitement to your life and make you feel more childlike. Below are six simple ways to ignite innovation.

  1. Ask questions. Specifically "Why?" and "Why not?" These questions will give you direction and energy. "Those are questions little children ask," Waksul explained. "As we grow older, we forget about them. Why is something done this way? Why not? Why isn't it done that way? You just feel younger again. We need to constantly be asking ourselves these questions."
  2. Connect with like-minded individuals. Seek out people who share your same interests. Make the most of LinkedIn. Search Meetup for events.
  3. Stay current. Read up on what is happening in the world. Subscribe to magazines and publications that are leaders in your industry. Be in the know about what is happening, whether it be in food, fashion, home decor, or tech.
  4. Attend trade shows. Key says that "at trade shows, the energy is palpable. Everyone's excited. You will be too." There are trade shows for everything, from golf to pet products, so find the one that fits your career and start networking.
  5. Surround yourself with young people. Stay connected with a younger generation. Don’t shy away from the unfamiliar. Learn about what your younger cousins are doing.
  6. Exercise. Keep your body moving, and your mind will follow.

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