This $9 Electric Toothbrush Has a Near-Perfect 5-Star Review on Amazon

Updated 11/16/17
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I've always had a no-frills approach to dental health—after enduring an expander, spacers, and a four-year stint with braces all before the age of 14, I vowed to keep things simple when it came to cleaning my teeth. While I've toyed with some cosmetic treatments like teeth whitening, I've generally stuck with the basic toothbrushes, floss, and toothpaste my dentist would give me after every teeth cleaning since I was 3.

But I was pleasantly surprised—to the point of wanting to write this 100% authentic review—after trying the Spinbrush. I've strayed from my normal, motorless fare to test-drive a few expensive, high-tech options in the past, but no other electric toothbrush has compared (both in terms of quality and price). Within a few minutes of brushing with Arm & Hammer's Pro Series Ultra White version with the soft bristles, I was surprised by how clean my teeth felt—even the motion of the swiveling brush head against my teeth and gums felt satisfying.

I took to Amazon to see if other people's experiences seemed to match my own. Not only does the $9 brush have a near-perfect five-star rating on the e-commerce site, but I learned that the two brush heads move in spin and side-to-side motions at the same time (I probably should have been able to recognize the "dual action" terminology on the packaging, but I digress).

Reviewers spoke to the refreshingly clean feeling I'd experienced as well. "These make my mouth, teeth, and gums feel cleaner than a regular toothbrush ever could," writes one reviewer. "I got one of those $70 rechargeable ones for Christmas and still like these best!" While I've yet to experience the full whitening effects, I'm pleased enough with the Spinbrush to continue using it for months to come. Shop Arm & Hammer's version below.

ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush Pro Series Ultra White Battery Toothbrush, Medium (colors may vary)
Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Pro Series Ultra White $9

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