4 Recipes for Crockpot Chicken Tacos (Weeknight Meals Have Never Been So Easy)

If you didn’t already know, we love a good crockpot recipe because it frees up our time to do important things (even when that happens to be napping). I only enjoy cooking when my life isn’t busy, so I rely on the slow cooker to help me whip up tasty meals like crockpot mac ’n’ cheese, hearty soup, and even crockpot chicken tacos when I’m short on time. There’s pretty much nothing you can’t cook on low—and yes, that includes Mexican fare.

But tacos, in particular, were pretty much made for slow cooking—as time goes on, the rich spices like adobe chili, cumin, and paprika soak right into the chicken. The result? A divine flavor. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to round up the best crockpot chicken recipes around—ranging from sweet and spicy to even an Asian-inspired variation. Scroll down to check out our favorites, and then try them out for yourself.

Slow cooker honey chipotle tacos

slow cooker chicken tacos
Chelsea's Messy Apron

This take on the slow-cooked chicken taco relies on a homemade chipotle sauce in which the heat can be altered. Serving the kids? Just put a bit of the juice from the jar of chilies of adobo. Craving some spice? Add up to two of the peppers right into the pot. The recipe is simple since the chicken cooks up alone with a few ingredients in the crockpot and is slathered with the aforementioned tastiness later on.

Salsa Verde Honey lime chicken tacos

crockpot chicken tacos
Carlsbad Cravings

If you like a combo of sweet and spicy, then you’ll flip for this version from Carlsbad Cravings. Chicken is mixed with salsa verde, honey, lime, chili powder, cumin, and smoked paprika, and it heats up on high for two to four hours or on low for six to seven. Once it’s done, let the shredded chicken sit in the crockpot to soak up all the goodness (there will be quite a bit of sauce leftover, so don’t get nervous).

Slow cooker hoisin chili chicken tacos

slow cooker chili chicken tacos
Melanie Makes

Traditional Mexican tacos take on a modern twist with an Asian barbecue sauce whipped up from sweet chili, hoisin, and soy sauces, grated ginger, and rice wine vinegar. Top with a crunchy cabbage-and-carrot slaw, and sprinkle with cilantro. Remember, you’ll need to come home after four hours to shred the chicken and put it back into the slow cooker on high for another 30 minutes.

crockpot sweet and spicy tacos

sweet and spicy chicken tacos
Half Baked Harvest

The trick to getting the protein extra tasty in this crockpot chicken taco recipe is to brown it before transferring it to the slow cooker. The good news is that even though there seem to be a lot of ingredients, most of them are spices, and they are cooked together all at once. PS: Even the little ones will like the taste because the orange juice and the tomato paste balance out the heat.

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