Apparently, You Should Never Cook These 5 Foods in a Crockpot

Updated 05/09/19
Half Baked Harvest

Crockpots are often hailed as a do-it-all device that can turn any food into a hearty meal with the click of a button. But according to Insider, you shouldn't use your crockpot to cook everything, as there are a few select foods that will spoil or lose flavor if prepared using a slow cooker.

Thanks to the way crockpots cook food—by exposing it to a steady temperature for a long period of time—certain ingredients become soggy and bland. Some dairy foods could even curdle and ruin the dish. Take note: These are the five foods you should never cook in your crockpot.

1. Rice: Insider claims rice becomes brittle around the edges in a slow cooker, so it's best to use a saucepan.

2. Basil: Fresh herbs can become wilted, brown, and flavorless when cooked for a prolonged period.

3. Pasta: Pasta isn't meant to be cooked for hours on end. Preparing your dish this way will cause it to absorb too much liquid, making it mushy.

4. Dairy: Apparently, dairy will likely curdle if added to a slow cooker. Instead, add it in the last few minutes of preparing your meal.

5. Seafood: Overcooked seafood can taste rubbery, so opt for the stovetop.

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