13 Delicious Crockpot Winter Soups That'll Bring You Comfort in the Cold

Winter can be relentless. Its freezing temperatures and long nights are a challenge no matter how many years of previous experience you have, and regardless of how close spring may appear on a calendar. That's why soup can feel so comforting. Despite the snow that never melts and the rain that pours in buckets, and aside from the many layers of clothes and blankets that cover every inch, soup has a way of making this time of year feel cozy—and dare we say it, even enjoyable. Because when you're wrapped up and sitting near a fire, soup warms from the inside out with flavors that taste like home.

We gathered 13 crockpot soup recipes that will deliver that homespun feeling without much effort, considering that all require minutes of hands-on time before cooking on their own. Classic options like corn chowder and tortilla soup are listed beside more inventive picks like lasagna and creamy wild rice soup so that you can have plenty to choose from between now and the first day of spring. Until then, ready your crockpot and read on. Once you get started, you'll see why nothing sounds better than a warm bowl of soup after a cold day.