These 6 High-Seas Cruises Are the Ultimate Way to Ring in the New Year in Style

Cruises for New Years —

You know how the saying goes: The way you spend your New Year’s Eve is the way you’ll spend the rest of the year. While it’s easy to brush this off as a myth and get on with your celebrations, there’s still an argument to be made: You deserve to spend the end of the year surrounded by loved ones.

Who wouldn’t want to get their year off to the best start by letting loose on New Year’s Eve? There’s a familiar comfort to the traditional ways of ringing in the New Year. Who doesn’t love the routine champagne toasts, eating lucky foods, wearing sparkly clothes, and watching the ball drop? But instead of doing the same things with the same friends, what if you could do all of the New Year’s things while taking a one-of-a-kind vacation aboard a cruise?

Cruising the ocean might seem like something reserved for summer, that’s not the case. Each holiday season, there are a number of cruises for New Year’s Eve journeying around the world, so you can enjoy a fun, hassle-free holiday and somewhere new. Go ahead: Ditch the snow shovel and make your neighbors jealous with your beach photos—without missing out on the biggest party of the year on one of these cruises for new years.


Cruises for New Years — Carnival
Courtesy of Carnival

Aboard the Carnival New Year’s cruise, there will be not one but three parties for adults. But if you have kids, don’t worry—a special youth program for New Year’s Eve will be happening, too, so your kids can dance and enjoy the balloon drop without worries. Cruise to the Bahamas, the Western Caribbean or Baja Mexico to party it up in warm waters.


Cruises for New Years — Norwegian
Courtesy of Norwegian

While Norwegian throws a couple New Year’s parties, they know that might not be your style. If that’s the case, there are lower-key options to celebrate from the ship’s 22 bars and lounges. Sail to Hawaii, the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand, or South America to start your year off right.


Cruises for New Years — Celebrity
Courtesy of Celebrity

Celebrity’s take on New Year’s cruises is steeped in luxury. Dine on a specially crafted menu by the cruise line’s Michelin-starred chef, along with professionally selected wine pairings. Take part in a rave or attend a stage production, your pick. Once the clock strikes 12, you’ll be handed a complimentary glass of champagne and a few party favors.


Cruises for New Years — Disney
Courtesy of Disney

Disney promises to give you a night to remember if you cruise during New Year’s. Perks include a themed dinner menu, a New Year’s deck party, holiday-themed giveaways, and meet-and-greets with a few beloved Disney characters dressed in their seasonal attire. For teens and tweens, private festivities will be held so they can hang out and make new friends.


Cruises for New Years — Princess
Courtesy of Princess Cruises

Aboard Princess Cruises’ New Year’s cruise, you can eat a specially themed New Year’s meal before watching a midnight balloon drop and topping it off with a champagne toast. On New Year’s Day, the cruise line will screen the big college football bowl matchups on its giant screen. There will be a buffet of game-day treats too. 

Royal Caribbean

Cruises for New Years — Royal Caribbean
Courtesy of Royal Caribbean

From private parties in your favorite bar to the balloon drop in Royal Caribbean’s Promenade, Esplanade and Centrum, you’ll won’t forget it’s New Year’s with this boat party. Cruise to the Western Caribbean in style, and countdown to the New Year with confetti and party favors throughout the ship. One thing’s for sure: This won’t be the same old, same old.

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