15 Items That Will Take Your Cubicle Decor to the Next Level


It's not that common to think of cubicles as a place to showcase style. To most 9-to-5 workers, they're the bland background scenery of their jobs, the thing that provides some privacy from talkative coworkers and inquisitive bosses. A cubicle's walls and accompanying desks often fade behind screens, and they're rarely ever thought of unless they aren't there. 

However, if you're spending 40 hours of your week enclosed by a cubicle, perhaps it's worth giving this space the same design consideration as your home. Since cubicles are usually comprised of neutral materials, think of their walls and work area as a blank canvas awaiting your personal touch. Perhaps you need a colorful display to keep you stimulated during the mid-afternoon slump. Maybe you need more room to get all of your tasks organized. Or it could be that you're seeking a calming aesthetic to help you breeze through a busy schedule. Whatever your objective may be—and you should ask yourself that question—it's worth it to create cubicle decor that works for you. After all, when you like your workspace, you're more likely to get things done. 

We found 15 items that will spark your interest in cubicle decor, from larger items fit for personal offices and white walls to small pieces that organize and uplift cramped spaces. Whichever ones you like most are sure to give you the creative surroundings you need to thrive in your 9-to-5. 

Mid-Century Task Table Lamp

Mid Century Task Table Lamp—Cubicle Decor
West Elm Mid-Century Task Table Lamp $150.00

Here's the thing about this sleek lamp from West Elm: It's got a lot going for it, and you'll get to appreciate that on a daily basis. For starters, it will provide a pop of color on your desk, and additional light, so you don't have to depend on overhead fluorescents. Plus it also comes with a USB charger, just in case your gadgets need a boost. 

Quincy Shelf

Plant Shelf—Cubicle Decor
Anthropologie Quincy Shelf $120.00 $95.00

This handcrafted, geometric shelf from Anthropologie can anchor the long space of a full-length cubicle wall, and provide a place for greenery, too. 

Tjena Magazine File

Magazine File—Cubicle Decor
Ikea Tjena Magazine File $5.00

You can never go wrong with having a few magazine files on your desk to help keep papers straight, and this option from Ikea makes such necessities look fun.

"Pool Shapes" Art Print

Pool Shapes—Cubicle Decor
Hotel Magique "Pool Shapes" Art Print $45.00 $20.00

Don't let your vacation days go to waste! This simple print from Hotel Magique provides a subtle nod to the pleasures of a hotel pool with its various shapes, and it will hopefully be a regular reminder to take some much-deserved time off. 

Hansa Hanging Letter Holder

Letter Holder—Cubicle Decor
Anthropologie Hanging Letter Holder $40.00 $30.00

Keep your desk clear of all the daily paperwork with this letter organizer from Anthropologie hanging on the wall. The antique brass finish will never go out of style, so go ahead and make yourself comfortable.

Woven Wall Decor

Woven Wall Decor—Cubicle Decor
CB2 Woven Wall Decor $200.00

If you like the idea of a neutral-on-neutral design, this woven piece from CB2 will look great on any cubicle wall. Its elements will add texture to your space without looking too wild.

Artificial String of Pearls Succulent

Succulent—Cubicle Decor
Target Artificial String of Pearls Succulent $15.00

Some of us office dwellers sit so far from any windows that we only see sunlight when we're off the clock. If that's keeping you from caring for a desk plant, then opt for this faux succulent from Target. It has all of the desired results with none of the extra work. 

Decorative Rattan Tray

Tray—Cubicle Decor
Target Decorative Rattan Tray $30.00

Those who have a long desk should use the proportions to their advantage. A large tray like this one from Target not only looks good on its own, but it will keep paperwork, books, or magazines nice and neat, too.

Circle and Line Wall Hanging

Wall Hanging—Office Decor
Anthropologie Circle and Line Wall Hanging $150.00 $120.00

Sometimes the simplest pieces make the most dramatic appearances, and this wall hanging is proof. If you want nothing but one piece on your cubicle wall to showcase your effortless style, then make it this one from Anthropologie. 

Stockholm Rug

Stockholm Rug—Cubicle Decor
Ikea Stockholm Rug $300.00

If you have space, a rug is another way to add more personality to your office. This striped one from Ikea will bring plenty of drama to the area, so if you're looking to keep the rest of the decor minimal, you can.

Sliced Bookends

Bookends—Cubicle Decor
Anthropologie Sliced Bookends $110.00

Keep all of your books organized with these bookends from Anthropologie, which are made from marble and agate. You won't mind doing a little research now and then if it means looking at these. 

Leather Coaster Set

Coaster—Cubicle Decor
West Elm Leather Coaster Set $60.00

Between your many cups of coffee and water, you need coasters to be sure that nothing stains your desk. So why not make them stylish? This set from West Elm is handcrafted with sorbet colors, making for an interesting detail amid all your work.

Tait Desktop Clocks

Clocks—Cubicle Decor
West Elm Tait Desktop Clocks $80.00

As decorative as it is functional, this desktop clock from West Elm will add color to your space—and keep you from checking the time on your phone every hour. 

Hightide Small Desk Tray

Small Tray—Cubicle Decor
West Elm Hightide Small Desk Tray $15.00 $6.00

Small desks can benefit from smart organizational items, and this colorful tray from West Elm can help. Rest your pens, paper clips, or Post-its here for a clean aesthetic. 

"The Wild Ones" Wall Art

Flower Art—Cubicle Decor
Anthropologie "The Wild Ones" Wall Art $400.00 $320.00

Sometimes you need something bright to keep you going when coffee won't cut it, and this bold artwork from Anthropologie will do the trick. If you work in a creative office, this piece will fit right in.