This Mini Watermelon Fruit Is Insanely Adorable

Updated 09/23/16
Top Inspired via Suttons Seeds

Yesterday, the internet rediscovered the cucamelon, and we couldn’t be more thrilled about it. Native to Mexico and Central America, cucamelons are tiny, grape-size watermelon-cucumber hybrids bursting with a citrusy flavor. The best part? They look like baby watermelons—and they are adorable.

The little-known fruit has made multiple splashes on various lifestyle sites and food blogs over the last few years, making its inaugural debut around April of 2013, according to Google Trends. While the cucamelon has managed to keep a fairly low profile in the U.S., it looks like it has garnered a substantial fan base in the UK, in addition to Mexico and Central America.

According to Homestead and Prepper, cucamelon “tastes like a cucumber soaked in lime juice” and has a refreshing, tangy flavor that’s perfect for pickling. People also pluck them from the vine and eat them whole, or slice them up for a refreshing addition to any summer salad. Fortunately, cucamelons are easy to grow yourself; they grow on a vine and flourish in the warm summer months, when there is little risk of frost.

How would you cook with a cucamelon? Share your recipe ideas below and purchase cucamelon seeds from Suttons Seeds.

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