9 Must-Know Rules for Hanging Curtains and Shades

Just like quality lighting and hardware are commonly known as the jewelry of a room, curtains are like the perfect blazer that polishes off an outfit. Without curtains, a room can feel unfinished and, dare we say, a little frumpy. That said, a window deserves more than simply a set of plastic blinds or ready-made window treatments. When it comes to curtains, customization is key, the same way a professionally tailored blazer makes all the difference in an outfit.

When it comes to hanging curtains and shades, there are a few basic rules to follow. Certain rules are well-known among the design community and even décor aficionados. For instance, we know that hanging curtains as high and wide as possible to make windows appear larger is a classic rule of thumb. However, each window is different and requires its own specific attention, and that’s when we come in with plenty of inspiration to help you navigate the world of window coverings. Keep scrolling for our favorite tricks for hanging curtains and shades.