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Say Goodbye to Harsh Lines—These Rooms Embrace Their Curves

ivory round boucle

Alvin Wayne

It's time to embrace curves in our home spaces. Having eclectic features, whether it be through our furniture or design, adds character and versatility to our rooms. By softening harsh lines, the space can often look more open and inviting to guests while also making a statement to be looked at for its unique shape.

Get started on adding curves to your room with these striking ideas that'll definitely have heads turning.

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Play With Varying Shapes

neutral colored room

Liljencrantz Design

From a bird's-eye-view, this living room is the definition of cohesive. From the varying curvy couches to the contemporary, wooden coffee table, this space makes everything feel minimal but cozy all at the same time. Even on an angular carpet, the harsh lines are barely noticeable by the shapely appearance of the furniture pieces.

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Be Experimental

pink bathroom

Reena Sotropa

Small spaces can often be intimidating to work with because you may not know where to start or what would fit aesthetically. In cases like this, being experimental with fun and abnormal shapes can go a long way and lead you to create an extraordinary space.

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A Pop of Shape

orange funky chairs

Kendall Wilkinson Design

As most may say "pop of color", in this case, it's a pop of shape thanks to the bright orange, funky chairs that liven up the otherwise neutral toned dining room. With the room's sharp details from the table to the wall lines, the chairs break up the space by becoming the main focus and softening the stark elements.

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Maximize Your Space


Michelle Berwick Design

This calming mint colored console is truly a multi-functional piece of furniture by opening up the space it's placed in and simultaneously being a decorative piece, which can be used to put other displays on top or stools underneath. The best part? It doesn't make a small space like a hallway feel over-crowded with its visuals.

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Make It Bright

ivory round boucle

Alvin Wayne

From afar, it may seem like a cloud-look-alike, but as you get closer, you'll realize it's a whole, functional couch. The ivory boucle acts as a brightening contrast to the dark wall and plants, and with its rounded edges, makes it a comfortable resting or reading spot in any corner it's placed in.

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Go Untraditional

round built-ins

Charlie Interior Design

Built-ins often follow a traditional rectangle shape, but these arched ones may make you reconsider. These built-ins give an additional organic factor to the room by acting as a natural shelving area for storing books or displaying decorative accents like the ceramic vases above.

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An Intimate Gathering

round table

Calimia Home

Unlike rectangular tables that often create distance between those at the same table with its rough edges and opposite sides, round dining tables collectively involve everyone. Whether it be conversations or just simply eating together, there's less distance which can make it a more intimate setting.

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Air It Out

bedroom with leather headboard and rattan tables

Anne Sage

The room, itself, may seem small, but the chosen pieces from the leather headboard to the retro rattan side tables create an illusion of the space being more open and airy. The light pink hues further adds to the whimsical theme of the room.