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11 Best Ways to Style a Curved Sofa

The sweet spot between sofas and sectionals.

curved sofa

Photo by Stephanie Harvey on Unsplash

Let’s face it: we are entering the era of the new social living room. Yesterday’s living rooms may have used the TV as a focal point, but with cable subscriptions on the decline and widely available on-demand and streaming services, today’s living rooms are truly becoming places of person-to-person interactions. According to Joe Nocera of The New York Times, “More than a quarter of millennials (70% of whom use streaming services) report having never subscribed to cable in their lives.”

The curved sofa is a perfectly chic solution to this cultural shift, a vintage-inspired way to open up a room with more seating and soften the angles of spaces designed for socializing. A design element loved by designers from Pierre Yovanovitch to Azzedine Alaïa to Kelly Wearstler to Emily Henderson, a curved sofa can maximize lounge potential in small spaces by providing the perfect corner seat. Fashionable feng shui, anyone?

Scroll for 12 ways to style sofas for a living room that’s ahead of the curve.

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Embrace Organic Elements

rounded sofa

Design: Emily Henderson Design, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

Curved sofas add an architectural edge to a room, creating new shapes that lead the eye throughout the space in a smooth, sometimes serpentine way. Try mixing raw materials for a more organic appeal, combining woods with upholstered fabrics to add texture and tension.

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Color Outside the Lines

red curved sofa


There’s no need to feel boxed in by straight lines or neutral palettes: You can also get your swerve on with color. From flirty and feminine to bold and beautiful, color in a curved sofa communicates that your living room is anything but straight-laced. When in doubt, go vibrant to punch up the impact of a colorful curve.

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Stage a Breakup

contour curved sofa


Throw your living room a curveball by breaking it up with a little bit of contour. After all, when it comes to a large rectangular living room, why not divide and conquer? Curved shapes can add a subtle wave to a long wall, creating inviting moments with ample opportunity to incorporate round shapes in coffee tables, ottomans, poufs, or pillows.

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Curl Up

curved white sofa


When it’s time to cozy up to a fire with a book, don’t be afraid to let your sofa spoon you. There’s just something about curling up on a curved sofa that feels ergonomically chic, and we’re on board.

If you really need one more reason to lounge around on the couch for longer, just add the soft, inviting texture of a velvet sofa to the mix and you'll never want to get up. Not only does velvet make the space feel cozier, the texture adds some nice dimension to the room.

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Round It Out

round it out

Richard Powers; Design: Kelly Behun

For a balanced and harmonious look, accent the sofa with at least a few other curved or round elements. The second most important aspect of a living room is the coffee table so it's important to be thoughtful in selecting one. So long as the table has soft edges, it should pair nicely. Glass tables are another option to make a room feel more spacious.

Additionally, consider accents such as light fixtures, wall decor, mirrors, pillows, or other accessories. This stunning room mixes round elements beautifully, from the lampshade to the curved armchairs.

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Take It Outside

outdoor curved sectional

Courtesy of elegant outdoor living

Backyards and patios were made for sunsets and entertaining. Why not add a curved couch to the deck to facilitate more comfortable socializing? Throw a cozy fire pit in the middle and you'll have a space that your guests will never want to leave.

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Create Alignment

curved sofa

Andreas von Einsiedel/Getty Images, Design: Scott Maddux 

If you happen to have a curved wall, window, or even an archway in your space, one of the easiest ways to incorporate a curved sofa is to align them. For a perfect fit, you can line it up with the curve of the wall or place it front and center in front of an arched window. As a heads up, you may need custom furniture to pair your sofa perfectly with a curved wall. To avoid making the space feel crammed, be sure to leave breathing room in between so the furniture isn't flush against the wall.

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Add Midcentury Charm

curved couch

Stephanie Harvey/Unsplash

The midcentury-style of this lounge adorned in creams and warm earth tones turn back time, making it the perfect place to play a vintage board game or sip vintage spirits with friends.

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Incorporate French Flair

parisian curved couch


If it’s more of a Parisian-chic look you’re after, a curved sofa can create the perfect Arc de Triomphe in a minimal living room. Eclectic pillows make the perfect accessories in a mix of colors and shapes.

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Do the Wave

serpentine sofa

DEBRA J. GOTTLIEB; Design: Fine Lines Interiors

There's just something so elegant and luxurious about a serpentine sofa. Most often seen in plush velvet, this classic design adds visual interest with smooth, unexpected shapes and lines throughout your space.

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Embrace Texture

velvet green couch

Design: Emily Henderson Design, Photo: Mike Kelley

We’re gaga for the green velvet in this fun and fluid space already filled with color. The curved shape makes this sofa the social center of the room, instantly setting it apart from the other shades and seats.

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