The One Website Travel Insiders Swear by for a Better Vacation

For some, the best part of a trip is sipping on a margarita with their toes in the sand and hair in the breeze. For others, it's the anticipation before an adventure begins. If you're the type to obsessively research local guides, ask all your friends for recommendations, or make an appeal on Facebook to get everyone's best addresses, we have a few Google Maps hacks you'll definitely want to hear about.

Most of us know how to create custom Google Maps—with our calendars synced pointing to where our next meeting is and when we should leave to get there on time. But have you ever used these custom functions to plan a trip? Whether you're looking to book your memorable meals ahead of time, avoid crazy roaming fees, or share your local knowledge with your nearest and dearest, we have the hack for you. Even if you're not currently planning a trip, log onto your Google Maps today—your most well-planned adventure awaits.

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