20 Cute and Simple Bathroom Ideas Easy Enough to Recreate

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Sure, not everyone who comes over steps foot inside your bathroom, but it most definitely deserves to be just as lovely and stylish as the other rooms of your home, right? We spend so much time and energy designing our main living spaces that the loo often gets overlooked. Well, we think it's time to change that once and for all.

That said, determining just how to decorate a bathroom, particularly if it's extra small, can be a bit of a challenge. But if you're having trouble developing a color scheme, selecting hardware, or choosing a paint color, don't fret. The 20 spaces below will show you just what a fabulous, functional bathroom looks like and will provide you with tons of inspiration as you take the next steps in your own home.

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Lean Some Art

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Fun art isn't just for the living room. If you have a cool piece that needs a home, why not try it in the loo? And note that leaning art can look super chic—so don't sweat it if you have tile walls that aren't hammer-friendly.

Just be sure not to choose something too precious, given that anything kept in the bathroom may be susceptible to water damage or other environmental hazards.

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Add Some Sconces

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Sconces look lovely next to the bed, but we'll let you in on a not so little secret—they are equally charming in the bathroom. Have fun with them and create a luxe looking setup that will have you actually feeling excited to brush your teeth every morning.

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Incorporate Rattan

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Oh rattan, how we love you so. Small rattan hooks and shelving shine in this sunny bathroom. Little details like these make all the difference in helping a space feel more personal and curated. Plus, storage!

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Include Some Plant Babies

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If your ideal aesthetic is simple and natural, embrace neutrals in the bathroom and have fun with pops of greenery to add some life to the space. We love the idea of placing small plants on open shelving above the toilet.

You could go the faux route, too, if that seems easier—we promise we won't judge!

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Switch Out Your Hardware

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Desiree Burns

Swap out bland builder-grade hardware for drawer pulls that are more your aesthetic. You can never go wrong with little pops of gold! If you're a renter, just make sure to keep the original bathroom hardware in a safe place so that you can restore everything pre-moveout.

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Embrace the Small Things

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Desiree Burns

Don't neglect the little details—who says that your trash can has to be boring? There are so many ways to merge pretty and practical in the bathroom, choosing a stylish trash can being just one of them. If spending a few extra bucks on a brass piece will make you happy, then go for it.

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Lay Down a Vintage Rug

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Cathie Hong

Vintage rugs always add so much character to a space and look lovely in the bathroom in lieu of your basic bathmat. Darker colors are an excellent choice as they'll hide stains and spills much easier. So what are you waiting for?

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Hang a Sweet Mirror

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Kate Marker Interiors

Honestly, could this mirror be more adorable? Say goodbye to that clunky medicine cabinet and introduce a beauty like this to your bathroom instead.

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Pick Pink

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Kate Marker Interiors

A pink vanity will have you even more pumped to do your makeup before a big night out. This happy hue is a fab choice for a feminine bathroom; it's nice and sweet without being overpowering.

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Get Ziggy With It

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Kate Marker Interiors

A zig zag-esque pattern brings the fun in this sleek bathroom. Don't be afraid to engage in a little pattern play to spice things up!

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Go Glam

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Kendall Wilkinson

Hanging some glamorous framed photographs (or magazine clippings, for a budget-friendly hack) by the tub will remind you to live your best life, always. Sit back, soak, and dream big.

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Go Whimsical

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Laquita Tate

Pick a peppy wallpaper print and let it make a statement in your bathroom. Leopards and palm leaves make a splash in this space—really, could you name a better combo?

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Choose Color

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This bathroom features another cheerful and colorful wallpaper print that we love. Think outside the box and select a pattern that you may not ordinarily use in a larger space—smaller spaces like bathrooms are all about taking risks and going bold.

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Try a Table

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Michelle Boudreau

If your bathroom is large enough, try adding a cute side table next to the sink that you can use to hold your makeup bag, perfumes, or other odds and ends. It will bring a luxe, hotel-like feeling to your home and is an extra way to add some design flair.

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Try This Color Grouping

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Victoria Bell

Pink, white, and gold = a flawless color grouping. We love the minimalist mirrors in this bathroom, too—their fun shape is the cherry on top of a stunning little setup.

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Work in Some Wicker

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Mindy Gayer

Is there anything cuter than a wicker sconce? We don't think so. Install one above the sink and get ready to smile every time you step inside to wash your hands.

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Bring in a Basket

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Speaking of wicker, baskets make for great catchalls in the bathroom (we all have slightly overflowing makeup collections). Grab a few and use them to corral everything from your daily products to travel-sized goodies.

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Style With Scallops

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Scalloped anything is a major winner in our book. How perfect is this scalloped vanity? Scalloped mirrors and linens would make for excellent accents here.

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Try Just a Bit of Wallpaper

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Even if you're not ready to cover all four walls with a bright print, you can still have fun with wallpaper. Place it above a tile trim or wainscoting for a statement-making splash.

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Grab Some Figure Art

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Figure artwork and line drawings were just made for the bathroom. Hang up one favorite piece or create a gallery wall to showcase several!