10 Undeniably Cool Living Rooms That Gave Us All Heart Palpitations

Updated 01/26/19

The living room is typically the most utilized space in any home, which means it certainly deserves your attention (and your eye for design). Whether you use yours to display your favorite artwork, enjoy movies on a big screen, or host the occasional party, the perfect setup is of the utmost importance.

Not only should the room meet your practical needs—ample seating or plenty of storage space, for instance—it should also express your personal design style. After all, the living room all but sets the stage for the décor that's found in the rest of your home and it's likely where you spend a good amount of your time.

If you're thinking of redecorating, this is definitely the room to start with. No matter your tastes, there is a myriad of design elements to play with, from big factors like the paint color and the layout to more minor details like decorative objects and personal items. All you have to do is establish the style of the room. Are you a traditionalist or do contemporary furnishings make your heart skip a beat? Do you get excited at the sight of a vintage mid-century modern chair or would you rather seek out more modern pieces?

While you mull over these questions, turn your attention to a few cute living rooms that will inspire your next design project. These spaces vary in everything from style to layout, offering you an idea of what you might like in your home and what you know you'll want to avoid. Here are 10 living rooms worthy of your consideration.

Luxe Living Room
Alyssa Rosenheck

A luxurious living room, this space offers all kinds of dramatic elements. Firstly, bold black paint coats the walls and molding in the space, contrasting with the light-colored carpet and cream furniture. Then, playful photographs of Marilyn Monroe are hung on the exterior of a bookcase in which it's worth noting that the books are displayed with their binding towards the wall. This creates a highly modern and stylized effect that's fitting with the décor in the rest of the room.

French Living Room
A+B Kasha

If Parisian décor sparks your interest, turn your attention to this elegant living room with plenty of European flair. Delicate ceiling molding looks luxe above a gilded mirror. The leather chaise is another glam addition to the space, as are the light pendant, highly-designed fireplace, and leather chairs.

Catherine Kwong

The clean lines displayed in this San Francisco apartment are about as modern as it gets. Lofted upstairs and situated in an open floorplan next to the kitchen, this living room creates its own boundaries with a large white sectional, a velvet chair, and a striking marble fireplace that dominates an entire wall.

Modern Living Room
Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design

This modern living room with complementary pops of color is situated in a historic Brooklyn Heights building, formerly used as a bank. Designed by Elizabeth Roberts, the airy space is punctuated by a teal lounge chair and ottoman, a red patterned area rug, and deep yellow throw pillows. It's modern with a touch of nostalgia.

Contemporary Living Room
Sarah Sherman Samuel

What's not to love about this fun, vibrant, and undeniably cute living room? Sliding barn doors serve as an innovative way to distinguish this space from a nursery in the other room and contemporary furnishings create a peaceful and calming space. We love the gold chandelier, neutral wall art, and the green plant sitting in the corner.

Pink Living Room
Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

A cozy, contemporary living room, this space features a custom built-in sofa suitable for hosting many guests for an evening in. Exposed brick balls, cacti and snake plants, and a concrete accent wall contrast the otherwise warm and inviting space. With hues of white, soft pink, and light wood, it evokes feelings of serenity.

Cute Living Room
Alyssa Rosenheck

This unique living room manages to burst with personality despite its rather neutral color palette. Camel-colored butterfly chairs frame a wooden coffee table in the center of the space while sitting on top of a cream rug. On the far side of the room, a dramatic black and white portrait captures your attention while contemporary lighting continues to draw the eye upward. Fresh plants and textures pillows work to soften the room.

Blue Living Room
Jessica Helgerson Interior Design

Rich jewel tones are the centerpiece of this modern living room found in a Southwest Hills historic Victorian building. Although the property was originally built in 1885, this room feels entirely modern. Varying shades of blue coat the curved couch and accent chair while gray-blue paint covers the walls. Despite the bold colors, the room remains subdued and inviting.

Mandy Moore Living Room
Sarah Sherman Samuels

Bonus points if you recognize the celebrity owner of this gorgeous, light-filled living room. It belongs to none other than Mandy Moore and is a lesson in mid-century modern décor for the 21st century. Flooded with light thanks to floor-to-ceiling windows, the space features jewel tones, copper, and original architectural details.

Cute Living Room

You might be surprised to learn that this sophisticated living room is not located in a Parisian apartment, but rather in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Cobble Hill. It's the home of chef, interior designer, and lifestyle blogger Athena Calderone, and it's every bit as stunning as you'd expect from the creative. Note the rounded sofa, sculptural tables, ceiling molding, and one-of-a-kind fireplace. We'd move in without batting an eye.

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