Valentine's Day Gifts That Will Earn You the Title of BFF of the Year


Original Illustration by Stephanie DeAngelis

Valentine's Day isn't always a rosy time for everyone involved. While lovestruck twosomes are busy smooching in the oversize booths of dimly lit restaurants or shoving their love in your face with roses, chocolates, and winter getaways, there will also always be the friend who shows up at your door in a snowstorm with Chinese food. This year, whether you know that friend or you are that friend, show your besties that you care. 

For your friend who's #foreveralone, consciously uncoupled, or in bad company—or for the one who's been through a tough time at work, lost someone near and dear, or lost their luggage on their flight back from Miami, these tokens of your appreciation will be felt tenfold. No one should ever feel sad on Valentine's Day. So if you or someone you love is flying solo this year, treat them to one of these great feel-good gifts.