3 Daily Habits of Extremely Healthy People

Updated 09/29/17
daily habits of healthy people
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As an outsider whose recipe for happiness consists of Netflix and some form of cheese, the daily routine of a flawlessly healthy person is nothing short of fascinating. But since I've resolved to temper some of my more egregious diet and lifestyle habits in the New Year, I'm determined to adopt some of these healthy habits myself. Fortunately, PopSugar recently chronicled the daily habits of health-conscious people, as informed by research from the American Institute for Cancer Research. Here's what to do every day if you want to be healthier:

They practice portion control

There's nothing worse than ending a delicious meal with an awful stomachache (a faux pas I'm far too familiar with). But even if overeating isn't your problem, "portion sizes are [too] big in America," says the AICR. To practice portion control, try slowing down and being conscious of what you're eating rather than rushing through a meal. You can also try replacing your dinner plates with salad plates to trick yourself into making healthier decisions.

They snack better

Being healthy isn't about cutting out snacks; it's about snacking on foods that won't cause you to crash and crave sugar and junk food afterward. PopSugar recommends snacking on veggies and hummus or even an apple with peanut butter instead of reaching for the chips and candy.

They balance cardio with weight training

Many women operate according to the incorrect assumption that cardio is the best exercise for weight loss and overall health. But, as the AICR points out, "working strength training into your schedule a few times a week can help you build muscle and burn calories. It's a great way to mix up your fitness routine and prevent injuries." To get started, read up on the three weightlifting exercises that show results after one workout.

Head over to PopSugar for more healthy lifestyle tips, and add your two cents in the comments below.

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