7 Daily Habits That Will Make You Smarter

Dana Covit

We're all in the business of bettering ourselves, which is all the more agreeable if the efforts to do so are simple enough. A question posed over on Quora—what are some easy things that anyone can do to keep improving their intelligence?—revealed a set of responses we can totally get behind. The answers include the more obvious options like reading, writing things down, and not watching too much television, but also a batch of smart, intuitive practices we should all undertake; in short, they were illuminating and totally accessible. Read on for the intelligence-boosting takeaways we're making a habit out of, stat, then visit Business Insider to see more of the list!

Come Up With 10 Ideas Every Day

This can be anything—how to solve a problem at work, ideas for a documentary or a new app. Exercising those ideation muscles is good work.

Play Devil's Advocate

Consider something you recently heard or learned about, and form a unique opinion toward it. Then, come up with support and evidence for the position as if you were defending it to friends. This practice will have you improving your outside-the-box thinking.

Share What You Learn With Other People

Sharing, explaining, and/or debating ideas helps you understand and process them more deeply and fully. Plus, you'll be soaking up new ideas from the people you're engaged in this exchange of information with.

Follow Your Questions

If your interest or curiosity is piqued, don't just let the moment pass. Pursue it until you know everything you want to know.

Hang Out With People Smarter Than You

And, most important, be a sponge. Ask questions. Be humble. Be interested. Surround yourself with people who challenge and inspire you regularly.

Do Something Scary

Doing something extraordinary, new, and even a little frightening lights up new areas of your brain. Challenge yourself daily.

Set Aside Time to Do Nothing at All

Quiet, stillness, even boredom can be good for creative thinking. Sometimes, your mind craves that stillness to drift and discover a new idea.

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What practices would you add to this list? Tell us in the comments. 

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