How These 5 Simple Daily Habits Can Bring You Mindfulness and Clarity



While we all know that the art of practising mindfulness and meditation has a plethora of benefits, finding the time to squeeze it into our jam-packed schedules can sometimes get in our way and hinder our pursuit to become the mindful, centred, and Zen-like people we dream to be. SMH Life&Style spoke with mindfulness and meditation teacher Dr Elise Bialylew—who believes you only need to allocate just 10 minutes a day to the art to reap the benefits, and revealed how you can effortlessly incorporate the practice into your day. Read on to find out how you can improve clarity, reduce stress, and increase energy levels with five easy daily habits.

1. Pay attention to your breath.

Allocating just a brief 5-10 minutes from your day to focus your attention on your breathing is a great way to unwind and work on your meditation muscle. "This allows you to unhook, and stop worrying about the future and the past," Bialylew told SMH Life&Style.

2. Practice while you eat.

"When we eat we are generally doing other things and we're rushing, we're not in the present, so mindful eating is about bringing awareness to the experience," says Bialylew. Focus on all of the senses—the taste, smell, colours, and texture.

3. Pay attention to "transitions".

Be present, focused, and mindfully aware during all types of travel and between tasks."Transitions are all great opportunities for deliberately shifting gears so that we can wisely choose how we engage with the new context," Mindfulness practitioner Elizabeth Granger told SMH Life & Style.

4. Have a mindful shower.

The simple daily task of taking a shower can be a great time to practice mindfulness— Bialylew suggests focusing on the sensation of the water, the temperature, as well as the sound of the running water.

5. Turn off.

This means tuning off completely—television, computer, iPhone, iPad, iPod—everything. "Listen to the ordinary sounds that are present in your environment, rather than always being 'plugged in'," says Granger.

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