9 Reasons Dancing With Your Spouse is the Secret to a Successful Marriage

Updated 03/24/19
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When love loses its luster, couples begin to get complacent. Affection runs dry and sex is a chore if you have it at all. But there is an easy way to get back into the swing of things. Get up and grab your spouse around the waist—dancing is the perfect activity to strengthen your relationship. 

10 Reasons to Dance With Your Spouse

Dancing promotes healthy living and romance. It doesn't make any difference what type of dancing the two of you do. Any style of dancing is beneficial. Here are reasons to take up dancing:

  1. Dance is an excellent way to exercise. Many forms of dancing are moderately-intense exercise, burning from 250 to 400 calories in an hour, similar to brisk walking. Others can be vigorous-intensity exercise. It's common for "Dancing With the Stars" contestants to lose a significant amount of weight from the hours of dance practice.
  2. Dance is good for your heart, both physically and romantically.
  3. Dancing together allows the two of you to physically reconnect. As you dance, your eyes meet, your bodies are close together, and you can feel one another breathing. 
  4. When you dance, your intimate connection grows as well. You hold and touch one another for longer than a quick hug. Your physical and sexual connection will make you both feel more sensual. 
  5. Dancing can build your self-esteem, which is good for your marriage relationship. Consider how happy you both will be with one another when you both begin feeling better about your individuality! 
  6. Going out to dance provides time for the two of you away from responsibilities. Making time to dance together gives the two of you time away from chores, children, job, and the stress of your lives.
  7. Couples dance requires trust. The two of you will work together as a team to get all the moves down and execute them on the dance floor with ease. 
  8. Your skills of communication grow when you dance. You have to pay attention to one another and communicate both verbally and non-verbally, which will deepen your appreciation for one another.
  9. Dancing is just plain fun. Especially for relationships that have existed for many years, this could be a way to break out of your comfort zone and explore a new activity together. 

Dancing Tips

Ready to cha cha? We have some advice. 

  • If you commit, don't come up with excuses not to dance. Anyone can dance, especially you, regardless of your age, how fit you are, your height, or what-have-you.
  • Accept that as you begin to learn how to dance with your spouse, you both may be a bit klutzy. You will be more graceful with one another as you learn to move together with the music.
  • Let go of any desire to be a perfectionist about your dancing. Just enjoy dancing.
  • Wear comfortable, lightweight clothing. Your shoes should provide good support and should allow you to slide on the floor without sticking.
  • Make sure that the dance floor is not sticky, slick, or made of concrete.
  • If you are not already actively exercising, check with your physician before you start any intense dance lessons. 

How to Find Dance Lessons

Where can you go to learn how to dance? Use these tips to find a class. 

  • Choose the style of dancing you want to learn. This will likely be a compromise, unless you plan to take one class now and another class later. (That is a great way to stick with it in the long-run, too!)
  • Check out the adult education opportunities at your local community center. Many offer dance lessons.
  • Many health clubs and gyms offer dance-based classes.
  • Check online or in the Yellow Pages for dance studios nearby that offer ballroom dancing lessons.
  • If you are in the senior citizen age bracket, you can probably get free dance lessons at your local senior center.

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