Men Prefer Women With This Profile Picture Formula

While developing a meaningful long-term relationship can take years, there’s one thing that can cut your chances of even reaching that stage: your profile picture. We know it sounds shallow, but in the realm of online dating, you have a mere second (or less) to catch the eye of a potential date, so a carefully chosen image can catapult your odds of finding love—or be a serious hindrance.

Romance Goals examined 600 Tinder profile pictures, chosen at random, to find out which elements influence a left of right swipe. Profile pictures were shown to people in London, New York City, and Berlin to discover if there’s a winning formula for taking the perfect shot. As it turns out, there is. It’s time to update your account stat. Women who use this picture formula get more matches, according to science:

  • Location: Profile pictures taken at a restaurant were more likely to garner a positive response. The study found that a car is one of the worst locations to take your picture.
  • Number of people: One. Men are less likely to swipe right on profile pictures that include friends.
  • Focus of picture: Your whole body. Surprisingly, close-up images that focus on the face proved less successful.
  • Facial expression: Smiling with teeth. Quirky expressions such as pouting or with a tongue out fared worse than shots of a simple smile.
  • Clothing: Formal or casual attire. Women who wore a bikini in their picture received a negative response.

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What do you think of the findings? Does your profile picture fall into any of these categories?